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    Practices Subcontractors Overlook

    Ladies I have been through many subcontractors since i started and let me tell you what an event it has been!!! I have several subcontractors that I have been working with for several years and several that have disappeared, treated me and my clients unfairly and have tempers beyond belief...
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    What are the best ways to gain potential clients

    What great questions ladies!!! This was one of my main questions when I first started as a VA. There are many things to look at here. Doesn't matter how much you source clients there are important key factors to take into consideration. Let's start with do you have your niche and target...
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    Anyone have a FT business just subcontracting?

    I just realized that you are looking to be a subcongtractor and not to subcontract your work. So sorry i didnt' pick up on that!! it was late last night when i responded. lol Well you can make good money being a subcontractor. Why not check out the Online Business Manager certification. They...
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    Anyone have a FT business just subcontracting?

    I will have to disagree with Amanda because I started my business subcontracting from day 1 and I am doing great. You can make six figures subcontracting without a doubt however just offering admin services is not enough. You need to offer many services and find the right nich market. I...
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    Question for people who Subcontract work as a business

    Re: Question for people who Subcontract work as a business.. I knwo this is topic is from quite awhile ago but i wanted to add that you must ensure that you have plenty of backup for each service. I can't do it myself because I am just too darn busy so I have to ensure that I have plenty of...
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    Anyone have a FT business just subcontracting?

    Hi there My business is focused on subcontracting but i am guilty to do work myself also. Sometimes it is easier to do it yourself then to pass it on however my main business is focused on Subcontracting and having a multi va team. I have some great contractors i am currently working with...
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    Does anyone have a Business / operations manual they would share?

    OMGD I NEED ONE SO BAD!!!! If only I could find time to do it. I need someone to sit with me and ask me quesitons to create it for me. My list of to do's is huge!
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    New here ...

    congrats on your new life career! It will be well worth it and you will find everything you need here. VAF is awesome and is where i started begining of 2008 and now i have a successful multi va business servicing over 20-25 clients per month and working with over 10 contractors! Life is...
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    Site to check out...

    thx for sharing!!! I like to keep up with website news and seo and subscribe to website magazine. Love it!!
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    Wordpress Themes

    i love i highly recommend them and they are very easy to use too. using wordpress is very easy however not for the beginner. let me know if you need a hand. i can show you around :)
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    Potential Client has Typos - how to use as marketing tool?

    Pointing out errors is always well appreciated. Nobody would like to have spelling errors :) I am very guilty as charged on this one. I am always in such a rush to do things and sometimes can't pick up on errors when working through logmein. So i always welcome people to tell me and that...
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    Very Cool (free!) Social Media Icons

    thank you!! they are great!! I am always looking for icons so that i can use different ones on all sites we create. thanks again! :)
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    Your Dream Project Manager?

    As a multi VA team (MVAT) business I require a Project Mgr (PM) and it is very difficult to find someone that you know will be dedicated working with my team. So as a MVAT this is what I would look for in a PM: One who is proficient in the web such as internet marketing and social media...
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    Subcontracting Rates

    I know i am a little late for this topic but as a multi VA company I wanted to put in some info. :) Most multi VA firms have a set rate that they can pay to contract out and that ranges between $15-$25 per hour depending on the service provided. i.e. $15/hr for general admin and $20-$25 per...
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    Interview with Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing

    Re: 6/2010 Interview with Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing Congratulations Diana!! I admire you very much. I loved your ebook on PR and it benefited me very much when I first started 2 years ago. Thanks for being you!