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  • Colleen,

    I have retained a domain name...but am not happy that I did it when I thought I was going to be starting a daycare center in my home (littlewoodenbridge.com). Now I have to pay for ANOTHER domain (my hubby is real happy about my indecisiveness(sp?)).

    Yes....the construction industry has slowed down ALOT!! My husband works for a builder in the Akron/Canton area (they are a national company now, with corporate offices in Canton and the reason we moved to Green), and they have gone through several rounds of layoffs in the past year. We pray that the company can continue, and that no one else loses their job (including my husband!!).

    It sounds like you and your Mom should have an easy time finding work! Lots of skills between the two of you!

    The LEEDS Cert is pretty difficult....you should see the study guide!! I did all the research for my former boss, and helped him prepare for the test....that's right before we both were laid off. He found a job right away (he has a degree in Construction Management), and I decided to stay home. With the price of daycare, it was more cost-effective for me to stay home, and find something else to focus on (hence the GRAND daycare idea). My former boss has passed his LEED certification...and wants to hire me with the new company that he is working for..they just don't have enough work right now to hire me full-time. And I just got a call the other day from my former company that laid me off...they need me part-time to come in and help out...so...I think that on MY terms, I can swing part-time for both companies, and work from home. We'll see how it works out!!

    Has your dad looked into marketing to Architects with LEEDS projects? They may spec his wind turbines if marketed properly!!
    Thanks.....I am trying to figure out these forums and all the features still..please bear with me!

    I don't think I've ever been on a board this complex!

    So how long have you been a VA?? My mind has been going 90 miles an hour with all the possibilities this has!
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