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    Some great WordPress plug-ins

    Re: Some great WP plug-ins Thank you for this. I am in the process of making my website and this was great!
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    Question When do I send W9s?

    Is it okay to have an EIN before you have an LLC? I already have an EIN, I just haven't gotten by LLC yet.
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    Free software to convert PDF to Word

    Thank you Erika, I really appreciate it!
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    Free software to convert PDF to Word

    Hi everyone, do you know of any free software that I can convert a PDF into a word document and then software where I can convert it back to PDF?
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    Wordpress Website - Need a little direction

    Thank you so much, I actually do remember that. I appreciate your help Christina.
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    Wordpress Website - Need a little direction

    Ok, so I found the perfect Wordpress website for me. I don't want anything terrible, but I found a great template that I think I can make my own until I can afford to have someone build me a beautiful website. My question is... how do I get it on my website and how do I get all the files in...
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    Hi From a Newbie

    Welcome to the board, there are so many useful tools here. I just came back and I am so happy that I did, the people here are still really awesome :)
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    An oldie but newbie back

    Thank you! I am really excited to be here and to meet everyone. I remember I used to post daily and this was the highlight of my day. My old screen name was snjordan14 (I think, 3 years is a long time). And thanks for the congratulations - I think I'm going to go crazy with 2 under 2.
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    An oldie but newbie back

    Hi everyone, I wanted to reintroduce myself. I used to come on a lot a few years ago and I even got my website up and running and then we got pregnant, I got sick and I let things go a little bit. Now I just want to start over and get ideas and motivations. We found out we are expecting baby...
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I read and understand the terms of service.
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    New in Neenah, WI (Fox Valley)

    Welcome Michelle! This site is definitely a great resource for everything.
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    Hello from Snowy Wisconsin!!

    Welcome! It is chilly here in Wisconsin. You will find a ton of useful information that will help you with your business here and you will meet some great people along the way.
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    Newbie from Wisconsin

    Welcome! What part of Wisconsin are you from? I'm from the Milwaukee area. You will find a ton of wonderful information on this site and everyone is so helpful!
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    New Member from Northern California

    Hi there and welcome!!!!! I use website tonight with godaddy and I like it. I am still trying to get used to everything because I am not website savvy, but its fairly inexpensive - $4.95/mo to use it and not have the ads at the top.
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    Are articles for me?

    Where is a free article directory? I never knew something like that existed. Thanks!