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    SOS Virtual Assistance

    I don't think it will cause confusion. Many people refer to the shortened version of a company's name (ie bofa for bank of america) and I also think your company's name is great. I really liked your website and was blown away when I clicked to learn more and it actually took me to a page with...
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    Male VA from South Africa

    Hi, Covas! I am just starting my VA business, as well. This forum is full of information! Bests, Christina
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    Hello from Suffolk, UK

    Hi, Gillian! I'm just starting my VA business. Nice to meet you. Christina
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    Hi all from PA

    Hi, Mary - I am also new and am so glad I found this forum! Bests, Christina
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    Hello from Raleigh,NC

    Hi Joanne - I am new also and have similar questions. Good to know I'm not alone. Nice to meet you. Good Luck, Christina
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    Hello from the midwest

    Hi all - I am new here and am eager to find information and resources for my new VA business. I have been working in administrative positions for over 15years and now feel like it's time to work for myself! I was so happy to find that I could use the valuable skills I have acquired and honed...