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    Please critique my site

    Hi Jason, thank you for taking the time to look for my page but I cancelled it. It was up for renewal and none of the changes i wanted occurred before my contract expired. Being unemployed, I had to get rid of a lot of things so I am going to do a blog and utilize the tips from the individuals...
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    Please critique my site

    That is on my original list. Thank you :):seeya:
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    Please critique my site

    Hi Tess, First, thank you for your honest critique which I will be going back to get fixed. I think i may look for another woman, to ensure power by women. I am very fresh and haven't haven't worded my niche to what I need. I am still working on adding some kind of detail based on my job...
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    Please critique my site

    Hi, Can you please give me your feedback on my website. Please note, that I did contact the web designer in reference to the upper icons and the "captcha". Should I add other administrative skills so I can gain additional work.
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    Excellent resource for business planning

    Viki, My name is Vicky also and I will be PM'ing you for more information. If that is concern, just let me know.
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    I did enjoy your page and became a fan. any tips in getting started or skills that are needed in this field are appreciated.
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    Virtual Assistant Training, Is it required?

    Re: VA School, Is it required? Thank you Becki for your feedback on that information.
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    Project Management Software

    I am going to check those two out Becki. I utilize Sharepoint at work with also past experience in Clarity also which is a great pm tool utilizing time entry, risks, issues to name a few. I did a quick google and will look more into it but here is a software review comparison...
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    Project Management Software

    Susan, did you have any luck in finding project management software? I personally feel that though MS Project is very costly, I like how it integrates with MS Outlook which you can assign resources and add tasks and notify via email. It may also help if you work with an individual who has MS...
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    Working from home while still working full-time

    Re: Building a VA practice while still working full-time Ladies, Thank you for the information in reference to working full time while building up your business. While you are establishing yourselves, are you an LLC or just a sole proprietor in your business.
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    Just got my new logo!!!

    I love your new logo and how it offseets the background of your webpage.
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    CardScan or Neat Receipt/Biz Card Scanner

    I am curious to even looking at investing in one or if someone does have one to utilize it as a service to scan my business cards :)
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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) various complete courses free download

    Thank you for sharing the link. I look forward to browsing around the site.
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    Virtual Assistant Training, Is it required?

    Re: VA School, Is it required? I see what you are saying if you are to invest in your VA, I agree that you should focus on course that can enhance your skills. What about IVAA for example, is it good to apply for that once you have established yourself as a VA?