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    Please critique my site

    Hi, Can you please give me your feedback on my website. Please note, that I did contact the web designer in reference to the upper icons and the "captcha". Should I add other administrative skills so I can gain additional work.
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    LLC & TAxes

    Please excuse me on if this sounds incoherent. I am in the process of deciding what to do with taxes. I found out the costs for NY but here are some concerns: 1 - If I do sign up for an LLC, and don't make any money this year how does it effect my taxes 2 - should I still apply for a Tax...
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    Vicky from NY

    Hi, My name is Vicky and I was made aware of this forum from one of my groups. I am a new VA in the process of building my website and becoming acclimated in the Virtual Assistant World. I still work outside the home and hope within 2 years to be established. I have 3 kids - 2 boys named...