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  1. PatriciaM

    Question On-Premise CRM Software?

    Thanks so much for the information Monika! Kind of pricey for the person I'm working with but it looks like a really good option for someone with a bit more money to spend. I'm going to check it out. What do you think about it? Anything you don't like about it?
  2. PatriciaM

    NEWBIE--Do VA's need a business license?

    Brookie, the requirements are different depending on your location. My city requires that I hold a business license. I also needed to purchase a home business one time permit. The business license is renewable annually. You need to check the requirements of your city, county and state for the...
  3. PatriciaM

    Question On-Premise CRM Software?

    Hi, sorry for the confusion. On-Premise CRM Software isn't a brand name. I meant it as on-premise vs. cloud CRM. Thanks for offering to help though.
  4. PatriciaM

    Question On-Premise CRM Software?

    Does anyone have information/experience with On-Premise CRM Software? I'm researching for someone who has old ACT software. They refuse to consider anything cloud-related. It's for a small business with about 150 clients. Free, while nice, is not a requirement. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. PatriciaM

    Question Is a Business License Necessary?

    Hi, My city requires an annual business license AND a one-time home based business permit fee.
  6. PatriciaM

    Has anybody had success targeting hotels, bars, and restaurants (online marketing niche)?

    Hi Loukee, This is something I was looking into as well. Especially hotels. Most hotels have business centers for their business travelers. You would think they would also be able to recommend admin. support for their business travelers as well, right? I recently went to a giant local...
  7. PatriciaM

    Hello from Portland, Oregon!

    Hi Morgan, Greetings from SoCal! Love your business name :)
  8. PatriciaM

    Networking Expo

    Hi Tamara, I'm not a veteran VA but have been going to some local networking events for a couple of months. The cards are great of course, but also be sure to have your 'what my business does' spiel down. I would also be prepared to explain what a VA is. Good luck and have fun!
  9. PatriciaM


    Hi Gayle, Great idea! I belong to two MeetUp groups. One is for Businesswomen and meets in a room at a Denny's during lunchtime. There is no charge to attend but you are encouraged to order food. This group meets monthly. The other group is for anyone wanting to network in general. They...
  10. PatriciaM

    Do You Have Insurance?

    Harmonee, I contacted my current agent that I use for Homeowners/Auto Insurance and several insurance brokers. The brokers represent multiple insurance companies. You can read more about my crazy experience in a blog post I wrote that's on my website. It was such a random/weird experience I just...
  11. PatriciaM

    Name Opinions Please

    Sorry about the loss of your furbaby Joanna. I like the name a lot. Because it doesn't indicate anything about the services you provide I agree with the others that you will need a descriptive tagline to clarify that. Nice 'meeting' you :)
  12. PatriciaM

    Hi from California

    Hi Rosanna, welcome! I am also just starting out. Networking, both face to face and online is my full time job at the moment :) Creating relationships on social media and forums takes time but I am focused on the long term results. I just started local networking with a business group I found on...
  13. PatriciaM

    Which resources to invest in for my business?

    Hi, I took the Jumpstart Class which included these resources and I highly recommend them. I did a ton of research on my own, but it was so valuable to have all of this information in one place. What a timesaver!
  14. PatriciaM

    Question I'm stuck! How do I start after being out of the work force for 12 years?

    Hi Julie-Anne, You may have been out of the 'paid' workforce for 12 years, however as a former stay at home Mom myself I know you have been working! Especially if you are home-schooling. I was out of the workforce 18 years when I needed to get back into it. When I interviewed I focused on...
  15. PatriciaM

    Hello from OH

    Thanks for the kind words about the website :) The business name and tagline took forever to come up with, lol. I think I'd rather create a website! Fortunately I'm going into this with my daughter and she is taking the lead on the website which we have hosted at GoDaddy. I know enough to...
  16. PatriciaM

    Hello from OH

    Hi Debbie and welcome from SoCal. The idea to start my own business also started from being laid off. I was fortunate to have a year's warning so had some time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up ;) I never had a business either but the information is out there to help those of us...
  17. PatriciaM

    Happy Friday Hello from N.C.

    Hi Harmonee, welcome from SoCal! I'm trying to figure out if I'm in the diaper stage or training pants, lol. My business is set but still working on that all important first client. I wouldn't be to this point without the great information and people on this board. Enjoy!
  18. PatriciaM

    Business Termination

    That would be a good problem to have for most I think :) I found an article that has some good information that may help. Good luck!
  19. PatriciaM

    Do You Have Insurance?

    Sarah, my policy is called a Businessowners Policy. I got quotes from several different companies and there can be many differences in what they consider necessary for this type of policy. I highly recommend that you do some research to try and have at least some basic knowledge of the...
  20. PatriciaM

    Brand New

    Hi Redleaf! Tess's book is a great resource. As a reformed lurker I can advise that even though it can be scary to put yourself out there it's necessary! The supportive people on this forum make it easier to do so. I just started my business 6 weeks ago and the people and information here are...