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    Question So many courses!

    Hi all, I have found a number of different websites that offer VA courses to help you get started, however, whilst it's easy to get positive reviews from the VA community, are there any that should be avoided or have bad reputations? Of course, feel free to recommend good ones to look...
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    Question What is actually involved with providing services?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone shed some light on the actual duties on a day to day basis that a VA commonly does? I hear a lot about Social Media Marketing, or emails on behalf of a client however, what do these services involve specifically? I am trying to determine what services to offer...
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    Male from Perth, Australia

    Hi everyone! So I am in the planning stages of wanting to become a V.A and operate my own business from home full time. I would like to be available to do the school runs and work for myself as I am currently in a full time job for a large organisation that leaves me unsatisfied and...