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  1. PatriciaM

    Question On-Premise CRM Software?

    Does anyone have information/experience with On-Premise CRM Software? I'm researching for someone who has old ACT software. They refuse to consider anything cloud-related. It's for a small business with about 150 clients. Free, while nice, is not a requirement. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. PatriciaM

    First Website - Be Gentle!

    Hi all, we launched our first website yesterday. Exciting! Of course, we will be adding content as we move forward, but we have to start somewhere, right? :) Would appreciate reviews in case we missed any glaring errors. Thanks!!
  3. PatriciaM

    So confused - 2 person business set up as SP?

    My tax advisor recommended the business my daughter and I are starting be a Sole Proprietorship to begin with. I questioned if that was even possible and was told we would each claim 50%. Has anyone ever heard of this? Their reasoning behind this was only having to file taxes for myself as...
  4. PatriciaM

    Would appreciate feedback on name

    Hi, My daughter and I are starting a VA business and after much research and brainstorming have come up with Borderless Administrative Services as our name. Would appreciate any thoughts/comments. Thanks!
  5. PatriciaM

    Hi! New VA in SoCal

    What a wonderful find this site is! It's so nice to see so many people willing to share their experiences with others. Excited to be starting a new phase of my life with my daughter in starting our VA service soon. I've been a non VA admin over 25 years and my daughter has been a website...