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    Question Having clients in multiple states

    Going through and reading articles from the sba website, I came across an article about doing business in multiple states. My question is: As a virtual assistant, do we need to get a certificate of authority or a certificate of foreign business from this other state before we can do business...
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    Building a website, a learning experience

    My son and I did the homepage to my website this past Saturday, ok more me with his help. I first drew what I want my homepage to look like, then we went in and did it. At first, I was really confused, but after some guidance I really got into it. After working on it several hours, we took a...
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    Question Business Name Help, Please

    I've been struggling with my business name. I finally narrowed it down to three names, but I still don't know which one I like the best. Could you please help me to choose so I'll know which direction to take my business? The three names are: "Wilkinson Virtual Services" or "Wilkinson VA...
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    Hello from Jackson, LA

    Hello, my name is Karen and I'm here because I was researching how to start my own business from home. At some point in my search, I came across a reference to being a virtual assistant. I didn't know what a virtual assistant was, but as I read more about it, I realized that it sounded like...