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    Does anyone actively use twitter for marketing? And if so, does it work and how do you get clients using it?
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    Online Advertising

    I feel like I"m stuck in a loop. I hate taking jobs off eLance, etc. BUT, I also do not want to advertise locally as I do private insurance work in my area. I don't really want those two confused or to mingle, if that makes any sense. Point being: I feel like I bid on these jobs in an attempt to...
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    Targeted marketing?

    I'm in sales on a daily basis, but since it's insurance, I can target anyone as my audience. Since the business I am wanting to open will cater to insurance business clients on my end, how do I successfully target market myself to only those people with out seeming "Scammy" or too much like...
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    I think I may have it figured out..

    Business name we came up with today. After a search, it seems that we have something that is unique to us and I love. ;) My personal niche was the hard one. I was at a meeting for my insurance job today, and we were talking about paperwork. In my industry, paperwork will eat you alive...
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    Oh, and a curiosity....

    How many months did it take for you to actually get off the ground and making a good part-time income? On average...
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    Accountability partner?

    I'm just starting out, and was looking to maybe find another person who is at the same stage I am. Someone who is just beginning their business. To maybe have someone to talk to or bounce ideas off of, etc. Anyone else in this initial phase who would be interested? :seeya:
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    Hi from Florida!

    My name is Chelsea, and I live in sunny northwest Florida. I am just in the process of starting my own VA business, and could use ALL the help I can get. Me and my BF were actually planning on starting the business together. He has over 10 years of graphic design exprience, and I have years of...