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    Free software to convert PDF to Word

    Hi everyone, do you know of any free software that I can convert a PDF into a word document and then software where I can convert it back to PDF?
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    Wordpress Website - Need a little direction

    Ok, so I found the perfect Wordpress website for me. I don't want anything terrible, but I found a great template that I think I can make my own until I can afford to have someone build me a beautiful website. My question is... how do I get it on my website and how do I get all the files in...
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    An oldie but newbie back

    Hi everyone, I wanted to reintroduce myself. I used to come on a lot a few years ago and I even got my website up and running and then we got pregnant, I got sick and I let things go a little bit. Now I just want to start over and get ideas and motivations. We found out we are expecting baby...
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    Website Review Please!

    I have my temporary site up until I figure out my niche with the website making and what I want my logo to be. If you want to take a look at it and give me any advice as to things I can change or things I need to add, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for all your input and advice...
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    Logo - Irritation

    Hi again everyone! I am putting the content on my website and my business name is Virtual Office Guru. I have been battling my brain for the past 3 days trying to think of a professional, yet sassy, yet different business logo. I've looked at different places online and I'm thinking about...
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    So I got my first interview on oDesk and one of interview questions asked what program I will be using for taking phone calls. Are there are cheap or free phone call services that I could use. I think what I'm trying to ask is if there is any "call center like" software programs that is...
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    Making a Website

    Hi there, I am going to be purchasing my domain and I'm still new to the whole making a website thing. Are there sites out there that can make a website for me? Is there some sort of DIY website that has templates I could go by? Just looking for some answers because I'm excited to get my...
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    Website Review - Text Only!!!!!

    Home Welcome to the Virtual Office Guru. The Virtual Office Guru provides administrative and executive support while you focus on your business needs. We will do the things that have been distracting you while you have more free time to do the things that you want to do. What is a Virtual...
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    Business Name

    So I've been thinking about what my business name would be and I have a few selections. Would you all be so kind and give me your opinions on which one you like the most. Shay's Virtual Office, LLC Virtual Office by Shay, LLC Assistance by Shay, LLC Virtually Shay, LLC Please feel free...
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    Question about a website (

    So I was looking for jobs on and I found this website that is asking for virtual assistants. It is asking me to pay $12.95 as a one time set up charge to "cost covers our expense of getting you started, setting you up in our system and providing you with your work materials." The...
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    Where to Begin?

    Hi there, I have a question and I'm sure its been asked before but I didn't see it, so I'll ask again: I can't afford to just quit my job cold-turkey to start this business. I need some advice how to go about starting up my business while working an 8-5 job. What were some things that...
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    A Big Hello from Milwaukee

    Hi everyone! My name is Shay and I have been thinking about becoming a VA for quite some time and I am here just to get advice, make connections, network, and maybe even make some friends. I have over 5 years experience with Administrative, Legal, Event Planning and Customer Service work...