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    How much turnaround time do you require?

    My policy is that I have 48 hours to complete any tasks they ask me to do and if it is too much to be completed within that 48 hours I let them know right away. It is in my contract that if I am asked to do a rush project - and if I choose to accept it - there is an additional 50% hourly charge...
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    I would take a local community college class or see if there are free classes offered through a public library or community education program in your area.
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    Internet research

    I think it will definitely depend on the type of clients you have. I work mostly for attorneys, so I do legal research for them. However, I have been asked in the past to find out more information about opposing counsel, companies or even individuals that are involved in cases, which usually...
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    retainer starting mid month

    I think I would try to prorate the first month, if possible. If it's going to be more of headache, or if the client is not happy about it, then I would go ahead and bill the hours at the retainer hourly rate. I would also get a deposit at least equal to that amount just in case :) Good luck!
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    When you're more expensive...

    Yay! That is awesome! I know that I feel apprehensive about my rates pretty much all the time, but when it comes down to it I know that I'm worth it and I do quality work. This week someone that I've known for a while asked me to do some work, but then was offended at the price I quoted them...
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    Who pays for cable?

    I don't think that you could have the business pay for cable if it isn't used for a business purpose. I think that you could have the business pay for the phone or internet, but if you use the phone or internet for any personal purposes, you would need to figure out what percentage you use for...
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    Calculating your rate

    I guess it probably depends on your services. Some things I have been considering offering in a monthly package, like social media updating and things of that nature where there is a clear limit on how much time it will take me. Where I would run into a problem is with the work that I do...
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    Niche/Target list on website?

    I put a list of things that I can assist with, but also have a statement that says to contact me if they need assistance and the service is not listed. If I can't help them, I can probably find someone that can help them!
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    Question Discounts or gifts, which do you prefer?

    I think I like the idea of mixing it up a little bit...offering discounts from time to time, but then also acknowledging one or two special days, like an anniversary or birthday. Great ideas!
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    Most requested tasks for REVAs?

    Ok, thank you. I was just thinking that there was maybe some basic tasks that all real estate agents need done, but I see now that's it's pretty much like every other kind of business where it can vary. I still may pursue getting my license because it is something that I would be interested...
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    Most requested tasks for REVAs?

    I have been a legal assistant for several years and I am starting my VA business right now. I will have a couple of solo practicing attorneys as my first clients, but I am also interested in the real estate industry and have been exploring the option of getting my license. I am curious about...
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    10 Phrases Unsuccessful People Use

    That was great! Thank you for sharing. I definitely need to pay attention to my mindset and my words!
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    Moving Soon - when/where should I register?

    Re: Moving Soon That's an interesting question. I will be moving early next year and will also be starting up in August. To me it depends on if you ever plan to move back to the state you are currently in. In my case, my husband is in the military and after he retires we will move back to...
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    Facebook Promotion?

    Thanks everyone! I think it would be a great way to reach a few more people. Thanks Susan, I will make sure and look into the contest specifics on Facebook beforehand. Definitely don't want to get in trouble and lose my page!
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    I am going to ask my most recent boss for a recommendation, as well as previous attorneys that I have worked for. I am going to frame it more as recommendations on my website, until I have clients that can give testimonials of my work out on my own. I think that being recommended by previous...
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    Business Termination

    I think that you should give them at least a month's notice and offer to help them find a new VA. It would probably be a great help if you could be available to help transition the work over to a new person, as well as providing any documents that might be helpful. I know that might seem like...
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    Facebook Promotion?

    I already have people that like my business Facebook page. What are your thoughts on running a promotion to share a status to be entered into a drawing for a gift card? I was thinking that it might be an easy way to use my warm market to reach out to all of their friends. Anyone have any...
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    Question Car advertising?

    I think this is a great idea, I might try it.
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    Part time?

    I like the deadline idea! I was a little apprehensive about "business hours" since my schedule can vary because of my son. Thanks for the idea!!
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    Question Time off in retainer contract

    My plan is to put all of the holidays that I will not be available in my contract, along with a clause that I may take days at my discretion. However, I have a business associate that I have worked with in the past that will fill in when I am gone if there is a need.