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    Article The Low Down on Being a Six-Figure Virtual Assistant

    Amazing article! I love that you mentioned "treading water". That's how I feel here lately, so it truly spoke to me. I am dealing with a lot, and I feel like always working at it and trying is making me stay afloat. Thanks for the encouragement. ;) And I hope you get to travel and do all the...
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    Does anyone actively use twitter for marketing? And if so, does it work and how do you get clients using it?
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    Online Advertising

    I didn't know all about these. I'll definately check them out. Thank you! :)
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    Experienced VAs - How many hours can you work?

    Right now, A LOT. Just because I'm still getting my business up and running. Generally, 10 hours or so a day.
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    Online Advertising

    I feel like I"m stuck in a loop. I hate taking jobs off eLance, etc. BUT, I also do not want to advertise locally as I do private insurance work in my area. I don't really want those two confused or to mingle, if that makes any sense. Point being: I feel like I bid on these jobs in an attempt to...
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    Advertising and Promotion

    Where exactly are you finding these RFP's? I did a search, and am coming up with not a lot. :/
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    Question Where do most of your new clients come from?

    Right now, most are coming from eLance. :( I'm planning on marketing myself more to get out of that as I think I could be making far more money elsewhere.
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    Question Any Professional Organizers on the board?

    I would include in a "trip charge" for gas/time spent. I'd have a flat fee per mileage. It's only fair. ;)
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    Has anyone of you tried

    I've never personally tried Freelancer. I have tried, and had success with, Elance however. Good luck!
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    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome Tracy! ;) And I agree, the people you will meet here are awesome, and you're really not alone in this.
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    Question Just starting

    Time management. lol ;) I'm faced with the same thing. You use every available scrap of free time that you have. You get a break at work? Work on your business. Nights. Weekends. It's been said that new business owners work approx. 70 hours a week in their first few years of business. Doing that...
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    Question Wedding/Events Assistance

    I agree wihth Caroline. I'd go speak to people face to face and explain what you are trying to do. In my experience with insurance for instance, most agent don't want to pay to have someone do their paperword filing, etc. HOWEVER, they are now noticing that having someone do that in the...
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    Question Marketing with cold calling / cold emailing?

    I agree with Sharon. It's not for everyone, but it can work. In the sales industry, cold calling is sometimes our bread and butter. I have the motto of "If you don't try, you'll never know." I'd rather try to call a hundred people and get a hundred no's, but know that I tried, than to always...
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    Targeted marketing?

    I'm in sales on a daily basis, but since it's insurance, I can target anyone as my audience. Since the business I am wanting to open will cater to insurance business clients on my end, how do I successfully target market myself to only those people with out seeming "Scammy" or too much like...
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    I think I may have it figured out..

    Thank you thank you. As soon as I get the little one to bed I can start on my website!
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    I GOT my niche

    Good for you! Getting the basics down seem to be the hardest part of this. :)
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    I think I may have it figured out..

    Business name we came up with today. After a search, it seems that we have something that is unique to us and I love. ;) My personal niche was the hard one. I was at a meeting for my insurance job today, and we were talking about paperwork. In my industry, paperwork will eat you alive...
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    Concierge Services

    Agreed. I wouldn't spend my own unless it was with a client I have a LARGE history with. Otherwise, the risk is way too high.
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    Accountability partner?

    Exactly what I'm looking for. ;) Plus, it would be nice to have people to talk to about this business. Is it just me, or when you mention to friends and family that you're interested in doing this, they ask what in the world that job is and how did you hear of it? lol It's like being the first...
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    How did you get started?

    Even though I haven't even opened yet, it kinda found me. I went to school and got my insurance license. After that, I started looking for things I could use my certification on while at home and that I could do part time while also starting my insurance business. Starting two businessess at...