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    Potential Clients

    Oh no, maybe I wasn't clear. I in no way give away my time for free. My trial is basically a 30 day no contract obligation, but it is paid! Janine - thank you for the helpful information. It is greatly appreciated. And while I do realize that I don't want every client I think starting out...
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    Potential Clients

    I do not send them a contract after the first call, I do offer the trial basis if they seem to be on the fence. I don't know if the fact that I deal primarily with attorneys that makes a difference or not.
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    Potential Clients

    Good morning fellow VAs, How do you all close the deal, so to speak? My services are a bit different than most on the forum since I am a paralegal, so my target market is solo and duo practitioners. I have had several potential client calls and things seem to go very well. When we end the...
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    Question Team Viewer Remote Desktop

    I actually used it with a client and loved it! The only thing that I didn't take the time to figure out was how to keep the password required for the person who is trying to connect from changing if they should get kicked off.
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    Opinion on Taglines & Logos

    Tess, Thanks so much! I completely agree with everything you wrote. My company name is Infinite Time Solution, LLC and nothing has struck a cord with me at all. So I'm still searching. Thanks again, Jennifer
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    Question How do you operate legally (LLC, sole prop, partnership, etc.)?

    Re: How do you operate legally? Are you speaking as getting an actual corporation (inc.) or an LLC? The reason that I ask is that with an LLC you file an election with the IRS stating if you wish to be taxes as an S Corp or a C corp otherwise it defaults to a partnership (two members) or sole...
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    Opinion on Taglines & Logos

    So, I brainstormed for months about the name and it's set - Infinite Time Solution, LLC! I am a paralegal, but I didn't want to limit myself to only assisting attorneys when I have the knowledge and background to do so much more. I have several ideas for my tagline, but am needing some input...
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    Greeting from Big D

    Good afternoon everyone! I recently started my own VA business as a paralegal in Dallas. It's something I have contemplated for years and just received all my LLC paperwork back this week! I am extremely excited about this new adventure and can't wait to learn from those that have gone...
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    Calculating your rate

    I just joined this forum and this is exactly the issue that I am struggling with at the moment. Finding a balance between knowing your worth and over valuing the product has proven very difficult. Your breakdown is extremely helpful! Thank you!!
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Read and acknowledged. Agreed and understood. Thanks!