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    How to charge for 2 days out of the office?

    Hi Jo, I currently have a client for whom I am providing on-site services. Since I had recently launched my business I wasn't sure what to charge for this service. Fortunately I have a friend who is a Business Coach and she recommended that I develop a "day rate" for 8 hour requirements, or to...
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    Any Google Apps Users?

    Great info! Thanks so much for sharing. I just loaded the Google Drive on my iphone and tried out the dictation feature. It is awesome. Thank You Steph for sharing that tidbit!
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    First post!

    Welcome! Your new venture sounds exciting. I'm happy that you are persuing your dream. I too am bartering with a Personal/Business Coach. It's great to be able to obtain experience and receive great advice while working out the details of my new business. She has an awesome network and...
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    Hello from Suffolk, UK

    Welcome Gillian! Happy to have you join the forums. I am very grateful for the knowledge and experience that is shared here. The people and the information have helped me to get my business rolling. I'm sure you will find this community very beneficial. I love dogs too!
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    Question Please help with my tagline!

    Thanks for the feedback ladies! Lee - I like "Prioritize – Organize – Harmonize", I plan to use it on my website even if I don't choose it for my tagline. The musical slant is just a natural association to my name - I have been given nicknames throughout my life that relate to music. I...
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    Hi all from PA

    Hi Mary! Welcome to the forum. Great to have you join us. I have found that VAF is a great source of information and support. I have received the help and assistance that I needed to get my biz off the ground from this wonderful group.
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    Question Please help with my tagline!

    Good Morning my creative friends! I would really appreciate your help with my tagline. I can’t seem to come up with a combination of words that is pleasing to me. My business name is “Just Call Melody”. I have been trying to incorporate musical words (i.e. tune, harmony, note, song...
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    It's still pretty basic, but your thoughts so far?

    I think it looks really good. It is clean and crisp, I love the uncluttered look. Your content is well worded and concise. It is a fabulous beginning! I am working to complete my website, making progress everyday. I am trying to incorporate brief explanations along with the listed services...
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    Free brainstorming call: Getting Started in Social Media - The Right Way with Luz Donahue

    Hi Mary, No, you are not too late. I searched "recorded call social" to find it. It is located here: Forum Features - Marketing and Networking - Social Media Marketing - Sticky - Recorded Call: Getting Started in Social Media the Right Way with Luz Donahue I am going to listen...
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    Free brainstorming call: Getting Started in Social Media - The Right Way with Luz Donahue

    Hi, I am not seeing the link to listen to the recorded call. Could someone please direct me ? Thanks so much!
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    Website Feedback?

    Hi Laura, Congrats on the website, I really like it! It is easy to navigate, very clean & fresh looking. You might consider tweaking your Qualifications & Experience page. I don't think that it is necessary to list the time frames for your work experience. Perhaps using a paragraph...
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    Howdy from Austin, TX

    Hi Larisa, I just completed the VA Jumpstart Class with Lee last week. I now need to complete my website, contracts, welcome packet and get my bank account established. I hope to have everything ready to rock 'n roll in the next month. I already have my first client, someone I have known...
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    Howdy from Austin, TX

    Hi Larisa, Welcome to the forums! As a former lurker myself I can tell you that it is much better to be a member. I have learned so much from the boards, Brainstorming calls and the VA Jumpstart Class. I now feel much more confident about launching my business. This is a very supportive...
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    Hello from Ohio

    Hi Veronica, Glad to have you join us on the forums. I have found that this is a great place to learn, discuss, share, laugh, support and be supported. In my quest to become a VA the members and programs at VAF have been a consistent source of help and encouragement. See you on the boards!
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    Welcome! Glad that you have joined the forum. I like your business concept - I wish you all great success.
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    Hello From Orlando, Florida

    Hello Sade, Welcome to the forums, so glad you have joined us! Congrats on your new business. I am new to the VA game myself, just getting the business foundation ready and have my first client. I am from Michigan where the weather is not very warm yet. We are heading to Florida next week...
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    Organizational Chart for VA business?

    Hi Lisa, I googled "CEO job description" and found a lot of options to look at. One gave the following Key Job Tasks for CEO: -Planning -Management -Financial Mgmt -HR Mgmt -Marketing & PR -Community Relationships -Programmatic Effectiveness -Fund Raising Lots of responsibilities!
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    Article LinkedInsights: 5 Exceedingly Clever LinkedIn Hacks

    Luz - I tried the link that you provided: Here's a quick video that shows you what to do in case that's something you want to implement I'm not sure that it is sending me to your intended video. Could you please check to see if it is correct...
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    A Warm Hello from South Florida!

    Welcome Candice! So glad that you have joined the forums. Since I was a former "lurker" myself I can tell you that it has been most beneficial to become a member. I have learned so much and love the comradery. I look forward to seeing you around the boards.