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  1. LeeDrozak

    Question Where are you stuck

    I am putting the final touches on the content for my next class - WordPress Website...Thought to Launch (working title so let me know if it totally sucks) and need some input. What are you biggest challenges when building your site? Where did you get stuck in the process? Where are you...
  2. LeeDrozak

    Resource Two Scholarships available

    I have been working with Tea for a few months now on my rebranding and let me tell you, she it the bomb. This program is not for the faint of heart and you need to be willing to make the commitment or out you go. However if you are serious about your brand and message, DDR is a great group...
  3. LeeDrozak

    Free Event Another All-Star Marketing Event compliments of Dex Digital

    Michael Port is at it again... He is keynote for a FREE two-day virtual marketing event. There are some pretty awesome breakouts too including Mike Michalowicz, Melinda Emerson and Barry Moltz. Registration is now open at...
  4. LeeDrozak

    Question Google Hangout

    I am in the process of wanting to utilize Google Hangouts as an additional client resource. Anyone interested in doing a hangout so that I can play around and get everything sorted out. I am anticipating it will be brief but it will last as long as the conversation does. There can be up to 10...
  5. LeeDrozak

    Tip Finally - Calculating Your Home-Office Deduction Just Got Easier

    The Internal Revenue Service has made a new option for how to calculate your home office space deduction that is easier than it has been in the past. Yes, that’s right, the IRS made something easier. Many small-business owners have a love-hate relationship with the home-office deduction. It...
  6. LeeDrozak

    Professional Development for 2012

    Each year I work through my goals for the year and one part of that is professional development. This year my first quarter will be concentrating on two things: SEO and Social Media (specifically Google +). I have chosen these mostly for my business but also to help with the web marketing end...
  7. LeeDrozak

    Question Anyone familiar with Network Solutions hosting?

    I have a client that build a site with their builder and wants to convert to WP. I got everything set up and migrated over however the domain pointing is all messed up. When I installed WP I have to put the files in a sub-directory of the shared domain. I changed the pointing to the domain...
  8. LeeDrozak

    Naturally Speaking Alternative

    Window 7 users, speech recognition software is included with Windows 7. Now you can dictate your documents, blog posts, emails and lots of other things by using this free application. It comes with a great tutorial to get you started. To begin in the search bar type "Speech Recognition" to...
  9. LeeDrozak

    Moving files from one computer to another

    Anyone tried any of the programs out there? Please let me know what you have found works. I did move a few last night using Windows 7 easy transfer but I have so much I want to move it will take me days.
  10. LeeDrozak

    15 Must-Have Free Software Programs according to

    For those who are not familiar with, they profile five cool tools and websites daily along with other posts of programs and computer tips. Here is there list of the top 15 and you can read the complete article here. 1. Firefox / Chrome (Web Browser) 2. AVG Anti-Virus...
  11. LeeDrozak

    Question Moving Wordpress from subdomain to domain

    I spoke to Darlene about moving my site and she gave me some great resources but I have one question for all the Wordpress gurus. When moving the files do I need to remove the index.html file that I have on my site from my current home page. Since you can only have one index file won't this...
  12. LeeDrozak

    Question Which browser do you use?

    I am currently using Firefox but it seems with the latest update it is running rather slow. The initial start-up takes much longer and Verizon DSL was no help (even though my husband works for Verizon!). I was wondering if anyone is having issues with the latest Firefox or what browser you...
  13. LeeDrozak

    Question Testimonials on your website

    This question was brought up to me at a networking event and I thought I would share to get your opinions. When using testimonials on your website is it more authentic is you actual include the company name and link to their site? My answer was yes because anyone can write a testimony from...
  14. LeeDrozak

    30 second commercial

    I was at a networking event the other day in which the group was a more casual mix of entrepreneurs from my area. Don't get me wrong everyone is there to network and market but it the group is more conversation based on what would you do, or how would you handle this. One of the things we did...
  15. LeeDrozak

    Article Web Design on a Budget

    Found this in my reader and thought I would share:
  16. LeeDrozak

    Tip I got this blogging thing down pat

    For those following my blog dilemma, I think I found a solution that now works for me. And it may work for you too! I pick one morning (since I am a true morning person) and write several blogs from topics I have gathered throughout the week. I then post these to my blog scheduling them to...
  17. LeeDrozak

    Face to face marketing really works

    I belong to a womens small business group and went to one of their luncheon events today. Not only did I speak with a new client but also got 3 prospects that I will be speaking with next week. It was great to hear that they are interested because (1) they have seen the work I have done and...
  18. LeeDrozak

    As a business owner

    If you could give one piece of advice about being a BUSINESS OWNER to those just beginning what would it be? I would say have a good bookkeeping system and accountant in place but that may just be the financial side of me.
  19. LeeDrozak

    Hello to the many new faces

    I have been slightly lax in responding with the holidays and now with this terrible cold I have gotten. Welcome to everyone who has joined the forum lately. It is great to see many new faces and more input on the boards. Good luck to each of you as your start a new year with a new endeavor.
  20. LeeDrozak

    Two awesome leads from Meet-ups

    Just to let you know that meet-ups are not a waste of time. I actively belong to a large meet-up group in PA and have not only met many potentials but have gotten two awesome potentials. One is going to start after the holidays and the other I am meeting with to discuss how we can work...