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    Vacation Procedures?

    Do you take a vacation(s) during the summer? How do you communicate that to your clients? Do you close down? Take it with you? Forward to another VA? I just sent out a letter to my ongoing clients to alert them of the weeks I would be out of the office. I immediately received a thank you...
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    Business Card Scanner?

    Does anyone use a really good business card scanner? How long does it take to process one card? I have a few clients that are interested in me updating 100 of business cards into their data systems and I"m wondering if there are good card machines out there? I know there are phone apps but...
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    QuickBooks Online Certified

    I set a goal a few months back to learn QuickBooks Online and get certified. I started using the program for my own books and repeatedly was asked by several clients if I knew QuickBooks. The more I learned the program the more I remembered how much I enjoyed doing Accounts receivable and...
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    Local Chamber of Commerce

    In the last two weeks I have been a guest at two Chamber's in my county. I attended "referral group" meetings. I have a dear friend that had invited me and was there for support. I felt so out of my comfort zone but at the same time ecstatic at the opportunities within the Chamber. Check and...
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    Bank Merchant or Paypal

    Ok, I've moved into the payment collection method of my business. Do you use Paypal on your website or are you set up through your bank with a merchant service? I'm comparing Paypal fees and Bank of America Merchant Advantage Account set up. Does anyone use Bank of America Merchant for...
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    I have to give a shout out to I signed up for them to host my website. I'm a complete newbie to setting up a website and it was a very bumpy sign up and launch but their customer service made it so much smoother. I'm still on a learning curve and have a lot of tweaking and adding...
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    Have name & need tagline

    Hello all, My name is all set and I'm stuck on my tagline Outside The Box Admin, LLC My reason behind the name is I've often been told I'm a very innovative thinker and tend to always think outside the box/problem. Some ideas are: ..because not every job fits in a box When...
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    When to launch website?

    My Question is did you launch your business on social media once you had everything ready...fb, twitter, website, linked in or did you do a slow launch? It is going to take me a little while to launch my website since I am learning as I go but I want to launch all my other marketing material.
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    Excited for 2014

    This week has been huge as I've really gotten the ball rolling to launch my business in 2014. I've talked to my accountant, lawyer and insurance agent and logged all potential fees upcoming. They have all been so supportive with helpful tips and suggestions and they look forward to my launch in...
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    Hello from MI

    I've been scrolling this site for a couple weeks now and am so thankful for all the information. This site was one of the determining factors that helped me believe I should embark on this new journey. I've been a stay at home mom for 5 years now but before that I was deep into the corporate...