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    Accounting Including Income Tax Preparation

    I am wanting to start a virtual assistant business but most of my experience is in bookkeeping and data entry so I was leaning more towards accounting as my niche. Since being laid off from my job, I have returned to school and am in the process of getting a degree in accounting but I have...
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    Goals and Procrastination

    Hi Everyone! I have seen a lot of good information on goals and procrastination in the forum; but I have noticed that Tess had several teleclasses before I joined and would like to know if she is going to offer them again or were they recorded where I could listen to them? Procrastination...
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    Hi Everyone!

    I just found your forum and it is so full of information. My name is Sharon Johnson and I am from Georgia. I am trying to start a VA business but it is so overwhelming and I am just not sure what to do first. I am a single mother of a teenager, I was laid off from my job in August, have gone...