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    Transferring Domain

    I have a client who wants me to build him a simple website. He is an acquaintance of my Mom's and she told him that he could host it on her account because she has unlimited domain hosting with her host. When I went to transfer the domain it wouldn't allow me because he only bought the domain...
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    Klok, Has Anyone Tried It?

    I was looking for a time tracking option. I know there is myhours and some others, but I thought I would see if I could find anything else interesting out there. Anyway, I ran across Klok. I was just wondering if anyone had tried it out.
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    First CSS Webpage

    I completed my first page using CSS. I would appreciate any feedback on the coding. I have checked it on IE 7 and Firefox. Which other browsers should I check it on? The store link connects to a store, but the store is still the demo store. Also, only the About link works because it is the...
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    Taking the plunge into web design and e-commerce

    As I posted yesterday I am having some issues with Vista and Homestead. I haven't heard from them again yet, so I have now started looking for alternative solutions. After a bit of research I have found a probable new host, shopping cart solution, and web design software. I wanted to get the...
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    OH NO! Vista Compatibilites Issue With My Web Design Software

    I use Homestead for my VA website. They have a web design software called SiteBuilder that I use to create websites. It is relatively easy to use, not much harder than using MS Publisher. My mom has a site that she wants me to do that needs to be up ASAP and my new pc with Vista won't run the...
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    Your Top 3 Books for Building Your VA Business

    What are the top 3 books you read that helped you build your VA business. Was it an e-book, a book on web design, a book on owning your own business, or a book on marketing, etc? I am looking to do some reading and am debating between reading marketing/business books or learning/refining a...
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    Vista Home Premium vs. Business vs. Ultimate

    I had posted a few days ago about looking into getting a new computer. I have decided to get a new tower and when my VA business gets bigger I will also get a laptop just for my use. Anyway, now I am trying to decide what to get. I currently have Dell and have not had any problems with it. I...
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    Review My Brochure Please

    I spent last night and a little time this morning creating my brochure. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Please be honest. I think it might be too wordy, but I am always my own worst critic. Thanks for any input you can offer.
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    Printing Brochures

    I am getting ready to start my brochure. I am debating on whether or not to get it printed professionally or just do it on my printer. My printer does a pretty good job as far a deskjet goes. Should I try to get them professionally done or should I print them myself? I know it will cost more...
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    Email Program

    I have been using Outlook Express for 2 personal email addresses I have that are Hotmail addresses. I got an email from Windows Live that they will no longer be allowing people to use Outlook Express for getting their Hotmail email as of June 30. They suggest using Windows Live Mail. I have...
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    Merchant Circle Coupons

    For those of you that utilize Merchant Circle, do you have a coupon available? If so have you gotten any feedback/customers because of it? I am considering doing one for 15% off the first five hours of general VA services. What are your thoughts?
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    Merchant Circle

    I want to add a listing to Merchant Circle, but I am unsure of which city to list in, or if I can list in another city that isn't where my business is located. Here is the basic problem. I live in the country. My physical address is that of a small town. Less than 1 mile away is the township...
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    WAHM Networking Group

    I was just going through the groups that I belong to and thinking how I would love to attend more of the events, but because of lack of a babysitter I really can't. So my thought is to create a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) Meetup group that can network at kid friendly places. That way...
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    Finding and Creating Newsletter Content

    As stated in an earlier post, right now I am doing a lot of research on article writing and newsletters. I think this may be the way to go for me. Anyway, I found this article on creating newsletter content. Enjoy.
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    Are articles for me?

    I have been thinking about marketing a lot lately. With 2 toddlers and not a lot of babysitter options, local networking is out for the most part. I am working on better utilizing the online networking sites though. I tried the blogging thing, but couldn't come up with something to write...
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    Update my PC or just get a new one?

    I have a 6yr old Dell PC with 256 MB Ram and Windows XP. It runs okay, but is starting to get painfully slow with all of the software for new technology we have added to it (ipods, cameras, etc). It also doesn't have a dvd drive and only has 4 USB ports. Do you think I should upgrad to more...
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    Where is the most unexpected place you have found a client?

    A thread about what everyone wears during their workday has got me thinking about where I might run across my next client. I know that clients can be found anywhere. As a newer VA I have not yet just approached someone in public. I am not typically someone who can just start talking to...
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    Sample Page

    I hadn't written to my blog in some time so I decided to remove it from my website for now. In its place I added a sample page. I really like the idea of having one. It is something that I can update as I get more projects. I use Homestead and they added a function to create thumbnails...
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    Responding to Job Listings and RFPs?

    I have started to market myself and get my first real virtual client (Currently I travel to my clients house 1 day a week, but she is family). I have replied to some RFPs and have found a few listings on Craigslist that I would like to reply to. As far as RFPs go, I have responded to ones...
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    Advertising on Craigslist

    I am getting ready to post an ad in the Small Biz section of Craigslist. I am unsure if I should post to my local area or if I should post to some of the larger metropolitan areas of the US. For those of you who have had success, which route did you take? -Kellie The Essential Virtual...