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    How to design a logo

    Hi everyone! What does everyone use to design their logo? I am wanting to start playing around with the design on my own and not sure what program/software is the best. Thanks!
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    Name idea!

    Hi everyone, I finally think I have settled on a name for my virtual business focusing on bookkeeping- Shift Bookkeeping Services. The thought behind it is allowing small business owners to shift their focus back to the business and away from the books, shifting attention to what is...
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    Business Name

    My initial impression of the names is they are hard to say, but I like the idea behind them. I also would be thinking more along the lines of nanny services through the name choices and less of any sort of administrative services you may offer. Have you thought of any more names or narrowed it...
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    What's on your home office wish list?

    Re: What is on your home office wish list? I am loving the idea of the treadmill desk. I am definitely adding that to my wish list of items to purchase as I hit my financial goals. My wish list includes a new computer eventually and a high-quality scanner.
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    Please review my new website

    Hi Virtual Alex! I am originally from the Seattle area and miss it so much! Your website looks great and I like the clean/modern feel of it. The design fits your target market I feel bbased on your color choices, layout and minimal amount of pictures. I think the Title of Virtual Alex could...
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    Approaching your Target Market

    Sara, I love the idea that working on Fiverr lets you gain experience and find out what you like/dislike. It's a good way of looking at it. I am wondering if you are still working on Fiverr and getting any solid leads from your work performed with them? I have seen Fiverr everywhere lately it...
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    Should a new Virtual Assistant offer services for free to get started?

    I have often wondered about this as well, offering free services at startup. How does everyone go about offering free services at startup? What is the best route everyone has found for this besides people you already know? Awesome job on landing your first client!
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    Hello from MD

    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! It is motivating to see all of you here who are having success as a virtual assistant.
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    Hello from MD

    Hello everyone! I am excited to get started here on the forums. I have been intrigued by the possibilities of working virtually for some time now, but just recently decided to take the plunge. I left my 9-5 job and and am in the very beginning stages of starting my business. I am currently...