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  1. lilwifey

    What's on your home office wish list?

    That sound like a vision of a beautiful office. I know if you have everything in its place you will probably be more productive. I would like to acquire a MAC computer but that I can not afford at this time. If we work hard enough, everything we want will eventually come to us.
  2. lilwifey

    Do I have to have a blog?

    Hi Mariane, That is good info that you gave here in your post. My issue is that I never was a strong writer. I don't think I would know where to start on a blog. I mean I have read information on how to start one on WordPress or, but still I dont think I would know what to say or...
  3. lilwifey

    How do I find my niche?

    Your quote is so true. I thank you for the support on starting. I have yet to do a website but I guess that is the best place to start. I will try and work on that first just to make a start, then maybe I will have a better feeling about this.
  4. lilwifey

    PO Boxes

    Hi Karen, I know what you mean. And the answer to that is yes, I believe it is better to keep them separate. With a P.O. Box, I think, one would look more professional than using your own home mailing address. This way you always know that business and personal mail will not be together.
  5. lilwifey

    What's on your home office wish list?

    Re: What is on your home office wish list? Hi Tess, That is what I am wishing for as well, even if I can find a really nice used one, I will be happy. If you find a place that sell refurbished or used ones, can you please inform me.
  6. lilwifey

    What's on your home office wish list?

    Hi everyone, My office wish is for a bigger office. At this point we live in a mobile home (trailer) and it is not a lot of space. At this point my office is our walk in closet, which seems to be getting to small for me, I think anyway. I started out using this when I first started working...
  7. lilwifey

    All In one printer/fax/scanner recommendations

    Hi everyone. I personally use HP officejet 4630. It is an all in one fax, print, scan and copy. Been using HP products since I can remember. It seems that the products work well and if I have any issues, the customer service and support are always there. I do make sure that I ALWAYS get the...
  8. lilwifey

    Picture upload

    VAF Admin, Thanks for the tip .. that did it. As always, your assistance is appreciated. :happydance:
  9. lilwifey

    Picture upload

    Hi everyone, I am having an issue with getting my picture to upload on my profile. Each time I try I get an error message that says upload failed. What am I doing wrong.
  10. lilwifey

    How do I find my niche?

    I often have the same question on how to find my niche. I have been in this chat for a few months now. I have been reading the success of others and trying to find my way to start up. I have so much going on in my life right now but my biggest issue is that I am afraid im gonna fail or not get...
  11. lilwifey

    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and understand the TOS.
  12. lilwifey

    Greetings from Baltimore, MD

    Hi Erica, I as well am looking to start a VA business from home and am just getting the thinking and reading process started. I, like you am fom MD as well, and am new to the VAF forums also. Hoping to find the strength and means to get started.
  13. lilwifey

    Link free sample templates

    Hi eveyone, Wanted to say thanks to Bailey34 that was a great find. I will be sure to share any info that I find online as well.
  14. lilwifey

    What is the free offer for Virtual Assistantville?

    Hi all, I am new to the forums, but was wondering what this offer was at Virtual Assistantville and how do I get it. I purchased the book and am still having issues getting to forms and docs to download or be able to print from my ebook.
  15. lilwifey

    Downloading free contracts that go with the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook from Amazon

    I got the eBook on but for the life of me I can not figure out how to download the docs that are included with it. Can someone please assist me?
  16. lilwifey

    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read, and understand. Will do all updating needed.