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    Best Way to set up Linkedin

    Thanks for the confirmation Emilie! I think I will wait for the time being to set up my business LinkedIn site; since I'm still getting my business set up, there's no rush I suppose! Much appreciated! Desiree
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    Best Way to set up Linkedin

    I have the same question too. I started to set up a business LinkedIn page but it required me to sign in with my personal page logon to create it. I haven't done it yet because I'm not quite ready for my current employer to know about my new endeavor. Can I create a LinkedIn biz page without it...
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    Article Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained

    Thanks for the article! I'm working on branding/identity/logo right now so this was really helpful
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    Is there a good online image editing service?

    I love Pixlr; I've come across very few things I couldn't use t for when photo editing
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    New Logo

    I like it! It looks very professional and a little whimsical and fun at the same time
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    Governmental Agency Clients

    Hope I helped! Government contracting is a sticky, complicated business; it's nice to let someone else deal with that part of the headache! Good luck and let us know how it goes! Just based on what I have read on here, I wonder if government and government contractors are an under-served market...
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    Governmental Agency Clients

    You could also try marketing yourself to government contractors. They have more flexibility (and speed) in who they bring on for assistance and in what capacity. At least federally, many contracts are small-business, women or veteran-owned, and/or HUBZone set-asides, all of which lend themselves...
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    Dedicated room for home office

    Thanks everyone! Aurora, that's a great idea with the sign, and it's heartening to hear other couples have made the shared office space work!
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    Newbie here

    Hi Jenny! I'm also new to the forum. Glad to see you here, and look forward to future postings from you! The forum really has some invaluable information
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    What to charge for concierge services?

    Re: concierge services Hello! I think that's a good question. I didn't feel you were asking about rates specifically, but how many services should be included in your rate, whatever that may be, correct? I'm working on pricing for my services, offering bundles for clients; however, they are...
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and agree to the Terms of Service, thanks!
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    Hello from Long Beach, Washington!

    Hi Brandy! I saw no one had answered yet and thought I'd jump in to welcome you. It looks like you are off to a good start! I'm still in the planning stages myself; your idea of a govt niche sounds like a good one! I'm considering going a similar route, aiming for small-business federal...
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    Dedicated room for home office

    Lol, it's a whole "thing" about whether or not we really need a shared home office and a guest room, or a two separate home offices and no guest room. I'd like to have my own space for privacy, storage, organization, quiet, but he is adamant that we *need* a guest room exclusively as a guest...
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    Newbie in Fredericksburg, VA!

    I've been known to read older posts in here for hours during downtime at my FT job. It's a treasure trove of ideas, suggestions, pitfalls, and support! I'm excited to be part of the community instead of just skulking in the background!
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    Dedicated room for home office

    Thanks for the thoughts, everyone! I'll really be pushing harder to have a separate work space now. Maybe I should send my boyfriend over here to read this :)
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    Dedicated room for home office

    Do you find it necessary to have a home office dedicated solely to your VA business? My boyfriend and I are in a bit of a disagreement. Right now we share an office. We do have space in the house for a second office but it's being used as something else right now. He thinks is unnecessary...
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    Question Which Computer Operating System do you use?

    Laptop: Windows 7 Dell Chromebook iPad Mini (with bluetooth keyboard... a must!) I'd like Windows 8 but my laptop is ancient and I'm afraid that upgrading it will kill it
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    Virtual Phone Numbers?

    I use Skype for online video chatting I've heard good things about Google Voice, but read that they will be ending service? I'm considering using Grasshopper as an alternative, although it's not exactly internet-phone service (I use Skype for that), because it can forward calls on a unique...
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    Article Top 5 mistakes all freelancers should avoid!

    Thanks for sharing! Had some extremely helpful info, especially for someone starting out and working on policies, client relations, etc
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    Newbie in Fredericksburg, VA!

    Good morning everyone! I'm excited to be on this forum, I see so many great ideas and suggestions, I could spend all day on here taking notes on what to include/not include in my business! It's helped me create a To Do list that is about 3946598364 items long, but since I love checking things...