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  1. Anna Kourteli

    Announcement Facebook Shout out & $50 coupon

    Hello guys and gals! That Secretary, my VA business is on Facebook! I'm so excited as things evolve towards the Official Launch which is set for April 1st! Please feel absolutely free to visit the page (search for That Secretary) and connect with me :-) There's a special $50 off coupon uploaded...
  2. Anna Kourteli

    Question Clients' & Prospects' Key Problems

    Hi everyone! I was wondering, what are your clients' and prospects' key problems when asking for assistance? The profound reply is that they need your services, but my question is merely oriented towards understanding WHY they can't or won't perform the tasks themselves and would rather have...
  3. Anna Kourteli

    Is calling ourselves VA's demeaning?

    Hello everyone. I have encountered the following situation and it raised concerns in regards to what is an appropriate way that a VA should title/position themselves. The story goes like this.... A couple of days back, I was asked by my client to participate in the company's weekly meeting as...
  4. Anna Kourteli

    Hello from Greece

    Hello everyone, Glad to have joined the forum! My name's Anna, I'm from Greece and been freelancing part-time as a VA for the last 5 years. I've started with ad hoc projects on Fiverr and have recently sealed my very first retainer package VA contract on upwork where I freelance currently. My...