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  1. DRH Administrative Services

    Rates Webinar 7/14/15

    I really enjoyed the webinar last night with Lisa Wells. Got many great pointers, and since I just recently launched I want to be sure that I start out pricing correctly. Better to get it right at first (at least I hope so!). Thanks again for all the wonderful opportunities for support and...
  2. DRH Administrative Services

    Question Vehicle mileage charge

    Hi Everyone. How do you charge a local client for mileage? Do you go by the IRS standard at .56/mi. or something different? I'd really appreciate the input. Thanks a bunch!:applause:
  3. DRH Administrative Services

    How to Become a Virtual Assistant Book

    Tess - I recently ordered your How to Become a Virtual Assistant Book from Barnes and Noble. Can't wait to get it and really get started.
  4. DRH Administrative Services

    Time tracking?

    I'm just getting started and wanted to know the best way to determine project times for billing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate the help. Thanks everyone!