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    Question Recommendation for Billing Clients

    Looks like I will be using Freshbook! Thanks for the feedback on their services.
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    Virtual Phone Numbers?

    Does anyone use Kall8 :
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    Internet research

    Research and information is my passion. I would love to do a lot of internet research with my business. Thanks for sharing
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    Internet research

    I would love the opportunity to work with Speakers. I am going to look into this Thanks!
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    Question Pricing Social Media Packages?

    Re: Social Media Packages? Another thread with helpful information. I forgot all about Pinterest and I'm on there all of the time.
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    Does anyone use Ipad for business?

    I plan on buying the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO on Monday. I believe having a tablet will help with my social media management and I can keep that for business profiles and use my phone for personal interest.
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    "Perfect" Linked In Profiles

    Thanks Myra, completing my LinkedIn Profile is the step that I have been avoiding. This information helps a lot.
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    Website Creation for a Beginner

    I am now considering developing a new website because it appears I can do a lot more using WordPress and Joomla (thanks for mentioning it mnunan).
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    New Virtual Assistant - Need Encouragement

    This is a great thread for a newbie like myself. There were a few steps that I overlooked and have now placed on my to do list. Thanks to all who contributed.
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    Brag Signed My First Client!!!

    Congrats on your first client! This brought a smile to my face so I can imagine how you feel lol
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    Question What supplies do you Absolutely Need to Start?

    Thank You I know I will love this! Perfect for an avid reader.
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    Question What supplies do you Absolutely Need to Start?

    The information in this thread is very helpful, Thank you very much. Now I have an idea of the essentials for my business.
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    Tips for Communicating with Prospective Clients - Your Virtual Assistant Blog

    Thank you this article was very helpful for me especially being a newbie.
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and understand the changes.