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    Question for bookkeepers

    (I hope this is the right place to post?) Hello all bookkeepers! I have a question for you. I have been working on getting my VA business up and running, providing bookkeeping services... After taking these courses - I have had this question nagging away at me... Could you list...

    Accounting certification in the mail!!

    Hello all!! Whew, am I ever so glad these courses are done!! While it was fun and challenging - life was toooo hectic!! LoL. Family, housework, schooling, part time job and baseball season running two teams... As mentioned some time ago that I finished the first course with an overall...

    New computer?

    Hello all! We are looking into buying a new computer and possibility a laptop. Can all of you chime in and suggest what would be a MUST have for a VA and what would be really nice to have for a computer & a laptop? Does it really matter what size monitor is for the computer/laptop? I do...

    I have recently spoken to it a scam?

    Hello all, I am speaking with someone and for my peace of mind, I'll like to know how to tell if it is a scam or not. What raised red flags with this person is that they were supposed to be based in NB, NS and winnipeg, and yet when I asked them where they are located, they say in the...

    VANA - did anyone here become a paid member?

    When I read Tess' post about - I went there and look and it reminded me of both VANA and Erin Blaskie. I am now curious about VANA - can anyone vouch for them? Is it worth the expense to sign up as a member to gain possible clients via RFPs and information & dicussion? What...

    Another idea - what do you think?

    I plan to have my business name discovered and registered for both domain name and hosting by the end of this month... Right now I am thinking of this: Joyful Assistant - Virtually savvy (for slogan) What do you think? Yvonne


    Hello everyone, particularly those who know me, I am coming back, although slowly, finally! Life has been hectic and a lot has happened. Today is my husband's first day back to work due to shoulder seperation injury. I had to take on temporary full time job but I am finished with that now...


    Uh! This is frustuating!! I was doing fine in learning step by step in building my own website before I discovered the world of VA. I went several months of not working on my website so I had to start over again as I could not remember all aspect of it. Well - ever since I went back to...

    HELP! Possible first client!

    Remember in the beginning (my first post, I think?) I mentioned that I might have two clients? Well, I finally heard from one of them... One of his email is LONG! Toward the end - the fact that he put in all "CAPS" is that they require lots of trust (I have access to his account to pay for...
  10. CYMMTJ

    Marketing ideas

    I have been thinking on how to conduct a survey for seniors to find out what they would like or hope to have from a virtual assistant. There is a forum that I go to daily and it has over 19,000 people on it. I wonder if it is okay to post a survey and offer a prize (perhaps a gift certifcate...
  11. CYMMTJ

    AVA Solutions??

    What do you think of that name?? I'm trying to figure out my niche. I think I would like to focus on the seniors. I would like to be able to work with seniors and be "that remarkable lady who is an amazing asset in our lives" I would like a meaningful business relationship with seniors...
  12. CYMMTJ

    Resources for Canadians!

    I hope you'll find these useful! Resources for women entrepretuers Canadian advertising stanards: More tools for different phrase of a business...
  13. CYMMTJ

    Volunteer Letter

    Hello everyone! :square: I am working on creating a volunteer letter but I'm stumped! I'm unsure of how to begin it and how to offer my volunteer time? I've tried searching the internet for volunteer letter templates to no luck. Ideas, anyone? :D
  14. CYMMTJ

    What do you think of this name?

    Technical Techology - Personal Assistant at Your Service I like the fact that it has two T's because I have a great logo signature in my mind... Will have to have it drawn then scan so I can show it to you..
  15. CYMMTJ

    Should I or should I not?

    Hello everyone! I came across an ad in the local papers when looking for on the side temp. contruction job and found this: Billing clerk, full-time hours, good calculator skills, general computer and office skills, able to multi-task. Salary negotiable. My sister was saying how I could...
  16. CYMMTJ

    Hi - introducing myself! :0)

    Hi all! I just found this forum and I love the way it is designed and with nice colors!! Easy to navigate and all! :0) I'm from BC, Canada and I might just have two potiental clients!! Who knows? We are emailing and finding out details and seeing if it would work for both of us...Ohhh - I...