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  1. oofva

    New comer in Southern Oregon

    Hi Jessica! Although I'm in Vermont, my business partner is from southern OR and I just love it out there. I miss Dutch Bros. so much! If you have any questions, need a sounding board, etc. feel free to drop me a line.
  2. oofva

    Requests for a resume?

    I have a "standard" response that I keep in Evernote: Hi <name>, As an independent contractor, and someone who has been self employed for over 10 years, a resume isn't something that I have available. However, my website will give you all the information you need about the work I do, what...
  3. oofva

    How important is WordPress

    It's extremely important. Not only do a vast number of VAs use WordPress for their own business sites, it is a common responsibility for us to maintain for clients. That said, if your niche is drastically different (ex. transcription) then it's not that important. If you're doing anything...
  4. oofva

    Google Voice

    Yes, you can answer (or call out) using GVoice on your computer. Just open your browser and leave the Gmail tab pinned open. When a call comes it, trust me .. you'll know it ;)
  5. oofva

    Employee Identfication Number

    While totally not required, there one good reason for getting one: If you plan on staying with a client for more than $600 in a year, then they should be issuing 1099's at the end of the year. Therefore, they will need a W9 from you. You have the option of providing your SSN or EIN on that...
  6. oofva

    Whitespace and marketing

    Not to get all Zen like, but there is a reason that Asian style is minimalist. It simply draws attention to the one focal point, whether it's a plant, a painting, or something else. Websites are the same .. who wants to look at a site chock full of ads, pop ups, and an overall cluttered feel...
  7. oofva

    Easy to Customize Premium Themes

    You may also want to check out Customizr .. it's very versatile, somewhat minimalist and easy to tweak.
  8. oofva

    VA Subscriptions Worth It?

    I always like to caution new business owners from relying on online anything - networking, marketing, etc. Get out there and network in person. Develop a solid marketing plan that includes digital marketing and social media but is not inclusive of it.
  9. oofva

    Should you put your Rate online?

    Over on G+, I polled my community to get their thoughts. Pretty much split down the middle (47% posted; 53% not posted). Feel free to read through the comments [short URL:] ... they gave some great examples of why folks chose to post their rate, or not to post their rate...
  10. oofva

    How do you title yourself?

    Officially on my business cards, I'm the Chief Task Master (it's true!) but in general circles, I use Administrative Consultant. In my honest opinion, there is not a single title out there that is accurate. While I don't mind Virtual Professional, "professional" can include social media...
  11. oofva

    Question Elance - A good way to find VA jobs?

    Elance, oDesk, .. or any other bid-for-hire site aren't worth it. a) You'll be competing with foreign labor who in all likelihood will charge less. You don't want to be working for $10/hr, right? b) People who are looking for VAs on those types of sites are more concerned about price ...
  12. oofva

    Subcontractor / Team Member before your business

    Many VAs who are looking for tons of subs, are looking because they have a healthy chunk of clients/projects from bid-to-hire sites .. and their pay is horrid. It really boils down to budget -if that other VA is willing to pay a good price. I often do pass through invoicing (I invoice the...
  13. oofva

    Services working with CPAs?

    Even though CPAs & finance are exciting like the latest celebrity scandal, there is a fair share of digital marketing than can be done. Blog posts will establish them as not only a leader in the industry, but this info can also be put to social media platforms. Seeing a CPA on a personal level...
  14. oofva

    Help with Mission Statement Worksheet from ebook

    I would suggest contacting your local SCORE chapter. SCORE is funded through the SBA (Small Business Administration) and they offer free mentoring. They will help you in many aspects of writing your business plan, strategic plan, marketing plan, etc. .. plus, the face to face (or Skype)...
  15. oofva

    Hello from Central Point Oregon

    Hi Michelle! My biz partner is from GP .. and how we miss Dutch Bros. here in Vermont! Feel free to connect anytime :) Denise
  16. oofva

    Email Management

    Thank you Sylvana, I greatly appreciate your kind words. Secretly, it's great to know that someone reads the blog ;-) Feel free to message me if you need some help or inspiration on how to tackle email management.
  17. oofva

    Question Recommendation for Billing Clients

    For those who are interested, Freshbooks has been offering a free certification course and upon completion will give you a free lifetime account on Freshbooks. Basically, you email a contact at Freshbooks (please pm for his contact info), and tell him that you are interested in the...
  18. oofva

    Email Management

    At first, there will be a learning curve to see what the client deems important/not-important. Once you get through that, use the Gmail labels (and sub-labels) copiously. For example, if there are action items for the client, you can label those 'Action items' and have a sub-label called...
  19. oofva

    Question Opinions on URL/Email Name Change

    From a marketing perspective, he is correct, however .. that may not be true for SEO. If you consider the shorter route (like or .com), make sure your web copy is keyword rich for both the VA industry and for your niche services. If you're looking for short URL ideas, try out Domainr...
  20. oofva

    Trying to Launch Questions

    I live in rural Vermont, so I know it can be challenging to find local clients. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with sub-contracting with other VAs to get started, plus it will give you experience. Depending on where you live, the fees for setting up a basic sole prop vary. Here, all...