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  1. YaySibra

    Question What do you think of just focusing on LinkedIn as a service?

    As LinkedIn is a business social network it is more efficient to use it instead of Facebook for promoting your product
  2. YaySibra

    Scheduling in social media

    Thanks for the news, I'll try it. It's hard to find something to make scheduling in social media easy with comfortable interface
  3. YaySibra

    Become a Virtual Assistant eBook - Free Sample PDF Download

    Thanks for the book, it came across quite in time and was very useful in my new job responsibilities
  4. YaySibra

    Business Cards

    In my opinion it's better to have business cards and not use them than not to have one when it will be very necessary. You don't know when and where you can meet a potential client
  5. YaySibra

    Some things better left to a professional

    It's good to know some new tips for how to talk with clients. It's sometimes so hard to reach a consensus