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  1. tsmith

    Question Facebook Boosted Post Notifications

    Hey there, I have been trying to research an answer regarding FB notifications on boosted posts for a client. Is it possible to receive notifications via email that you have new comments? The notifications settings are turned on. She receives comments on regular posts but not boosted posts...
  2. tsmith

    Article Why Forums May Be the Most Powerful Social Media Channel for Brands

    Hi all - I couldn't help but think about VAF when I was reading this post from the about forums. It explains how forums are still one of the greatest social media channels out there! Of course, you probably already knew that. ;) It was also a good reminder to me to remain...
  3. tsmith

    Question Have you used AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar)?

    Hello all! I was wondering if any one has recently used AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar)? If so, what are your thoughts and/or experiences? It is a free online meeting service. If has several nice features comparable to other popular paid services. Thanks.
  4. tsmith


    I know a lot of us use Twitter as a powerful networking tool. So I was wondering what are your thoughts and views regarding Follow Fridays? (#FF, #FollowFriday) Do you participate or not? Do you gain followers? Do you have a certain criteria for recommendations? Thanks.
  5. tsmith

    Email Marketing Services Comparison Chart

    Hello all. I thought I would share a great website I recently found called Top Ten Reviews. It has a great email marketing side by side comparison chart. You can find it here: Some services providers are more recognizable than others...
  6. tsmith

    Question Soliciting Government Contracts

    Hello all: I am researching the procedures involved in bidding/soliciting government contracts. Does any one have any experience with this? Could you please provide any helpful resources and/or links. Thanks.
  7. tsmith

    Hello & Glad to Meet Ya

    Hello to all. My name is Tahneesha from Indianapolis, IN. I have not completely adapted to saying that yet because I recently moved here from Florida. Florida was my home for the last 10 years. I just started my own VA business. By nature I am an organizer and researcher. I love...