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    Article how to create marketing plan

    Let’s start. 1.Review your company's goals. Begin by looking at your company's mission and goals (if your company doesn't have one, then, this has to be clarified before you start), and determine if your company's current marketing plan is helping to meet those goals or not. 2. What is your...
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    What is more important building backlinks or good content?

    Backlinks are important and do help you rank. But content works across all channels from PPC to SEO, media coverage, and referral traffic. Good content can also lead to backlinks.
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    Web app development services

    There are various things you’ve to consider the right web designing and development company. Check out their portfolio Ask about fees and charges. Ask for quote and compare the prices Look at their past clients. Get their client retention rate. Greater satisfaction to clients even maintenance...
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    Question why bing is taking soo much time to crawl my site?

    check your robots.txt you must have blocked the bing bot from indexing your website or check your source code <meta name="robots" content="no index,follow"/> if this is present use , <meta name="robots" content="index,follow"/> Cheers !
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    Question what is CTR? how to Boost it?

    The CTR is measured by dividing the number of times a link appears on a search engine result page by the number of times it is actually clicked on by a visitors. A high CTR in Google or any search engine means you get more traffic. The ways to boost CTR are, Write a better headline and make it...
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    Cold-Emailing vs Other Marketing

    There should be a sequence. • Cold emailing • Cold call • The final Close. One particular thing won't help. They all should work together for you like a campaign. In your email after you present a solution. Give them a CTA to get on a call with you (Because your prospect must have a lot of...
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    Advantages of Xamarin app development

    Xamarin is a cross-platform development framework that is based on C#. Using Xamarin you can build native mobile apps for OS like Android, iOS and Windows. There are many benefits of Xamarin. Have a look: 1) Using Xamarin you don't have to create source code for each platform, you can use the...
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    Tip Marketing Tips on Social Media Management

    SEO is the best work in our business to grow. Online media promoting is the utilization of web-based media stages to associate with your crowd to assemble your image, increment deals, and drive site traffic. Define Your Goals Your objective will be the main thrust of your web-based media...
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    The Importance of Customer Service.

    A good customer support experience builds the reputation, loyalty, and trust in the product or services offered. A ticketing system is a better method of dealing with customer questions, requests or reported issues. It is specifically designed for organizing and tracking all the fixes and...
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    Web applications development company

    For choosing a design and development company, look for someone who is interested in your business not just the development. As a good developer will let you know all the ups and downs about your project because a company is having more experience than you. As they have worked with so many...
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    Native vs. Web vs. Cross-Platform App

    There are pros and cons to both cross-platform and native development. With cross-platform development, you can create a single app that works on multiple platforms (like iOS, Android, and Windows), which can save you time and money. However, the app won't be as efficient or smooth as a native...
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    IoT and its dominance in industries

    IoT has a positive impact on the business industry wherever it may be in the word. The Internet of Things brings about numerous benefits to boost ROI and provide the best services to consumers. Today, IoT or the Internet of Things is considered as one of the biggest opportunities for the...
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    Why Hire A Virtual Marketing Manager?

    I would suggest upwork. Upwork, the world's largest online workplace I have been using it for years to hire various types of freelancers and found the quality of people I have hired to be very good. Having said that there are also a lot of spiv’s on there as well so take your time finding the...
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    Does a Virtual Assistant need a Business License

    You don't need any specific licenses or education. Flexible hours: The ability to work from home and create your own schedule are two reasons a VA business is so appealing.
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    What is operation risk management?

    Operational Risk Management is a methodology for organizations looking to put into place real oversight and strategy when it comes to managing risks. The Benefits Of Operational Risk Management Improving the reliability of business operations. Improving the effectiveness of risk management...
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    What is "enterprise risk management"?

    Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a continuous process that includes risk identification, risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies. An integrated ERM program can help an organization identify and mitigate risks that could affect its capability to seize opportunities and achieve business...
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    Web applications development company

    There are various things you’ve to consider the right web designing and development company. Check out their portfolio Ask about fees and charges. Ask for quote and compare the prices Look at their past clients. Get their client retention rate. Greater satisfaction to clients even maintenance...
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    Challenges of inventory management

    Inventory management is a hard process and also one of the most important ones. Sending the right products to your clients at the right time needs a lot of planning and management. I`m using Quickbooks inventory software and thus, inventory management challenges are bound to occur. Some of the...
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    Remote Access

    The first app you will need will be a secured VPN to provide access. This VPN will need to be provided with some form of identity provider ( MS Server, LDAP, SAML, etc ), such that only authorized users will be able to use it. After this you will likely find it practical to remotely control...
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    Android app developments

    Mobile application development is the club of methodologies and procedures applied in writing software for small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and additional hand-held devices. The need for enterprise software solutions, particularly for mobile app development firms, has...