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    Hiring Subcontractors

    I saw your follow-up discussion about how to pay a sub......Until you are comfortable with the rate of speed that your subcontractor works, I would encourage you to pay "per project" rather than "hourly". Everything I sub out I know how to do. Thus, I know what the bill will be to a client if...
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    Churches and Ministries as my niche

    Being a Senior Pastor's wife for almost 20 years, I thought I would chime in. My husband has served churches from 250-4000 people in attendance on a Sunday morning. Have you thought about placing an ad with If you have volunteered for churches in one denomination, you...
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    Hi from Maryland!

    You are out on the shore! Lucky you! One of my favorite places out there is Bethany Beach. Our meetings change locations (between MD and VA ) so join the group on Meetups and hopefully you can join us. It is hard for me to attend too....but just wanted you to know it was available!
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    my rate might be too high

    I would not lower my rates based on one person's feedback. You need to set your rates and then be able to tell a client why you are the best! If you are trying to compete solely as the cheapest VA, remember you will be competing with VAs around the world. Because I live on the East...
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    Hi from Maryland!

    Hi Elizabeth- Welcome to the VA world! I live in Northern Virginia. Not sure where you are in Maryland, but we have a MD/VA/DC meet up group of Virtual Assistants that meet once a month. You can do a search on Meetup and find the group! Join us..if you get a chance!
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    Need advice

    Possibly you have some skills that are transferrable -- ie. bookkeeping skills, social media skills, blogging, etc.. The social media and blogging are 2 areas that real estate agents use frequently but don't always have time to maintain. If you want to work with a real estate agents...
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    Question Targeting Careerbuilder and Monster for Clients

    Lisa - I never have gone that route for clients. That said, if you feel like you have services to market to these people, then go for it!! Maybe it is a market that is "under-served". Just because it may not be the typical place a VA gets a client, doesn't mean you wouldn't have great...
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    Do I need to use my own contract?

    You didn't mention what their contract contained or how it differs from your contract. Just my perspective...I have always had clients sign my contract only. I do not sign other contracts. Several reasons... *I want all my clients to be on the same terms and my contract supports that *My...
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    Need help with mulitiple client issues

    As long as you can meet both client's needs, go for it! Your business will not grow if you allow Client #1 to have an exclusive on your services. That would then make you more of an "employee" rather than a subcontractor. Probably just need to insure when you are negotiating with clients...
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    SCAM: Stephen Brandon, Corbel Estate - posing as Careerbuilder emails

    Sharon - Thanks for sharing and posting! I saw a news story last week that warmed of scammers on sites like Craigslist as well. Shame on these scammers!
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    Question 4000 Contacts

    That is quite a big project! I second the scanner recommendation if you have a lot of business cards!
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    Phone Calls, Chat & Client Communication

    Just a little bit different perspective........I think this depends on the client and your pricing. For my ongoing clients, I do not charge for email communication about projects. I find this communication helpful to me and can help me be more efficient. The only time I charge regular...
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    free bookkeeping software online

    I always get my downloads from It is a safe, legitimate site. Go there and do a search for Quickbooks Simple Start Free. You will get the download page. A couple of things to note about the free has limits on the number of clients, it has limits on the things...
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    New Client billed hourly

    I agree with others, you should get a deposit That said, all this should be covered in your agreement with the client. Deposits, time tracking, invoicing, payment, etc.. should all be covered. As you want to insure you get paid, the client also needs assurance that you are going to do the...
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    Think of the front page of your brochure as a magazine cover. You are trying to entice the reader to pick up the brochure, open it and read it. Thus, the outside cover of your brochure needs to be a cover picture that is inviting/interesting/enticing.
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    client finally contacted me.

    Don't be discouraged! Look at the positive....he saw value in your business and saw you as a skilled virtual assistant! As a business owner, he is just saying "not the right time". Don't spend time trying to analyze. Just periodically stay in touch and focus on other prospects. Keep...
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    Ending a Client Relationship

    I have ended a client relationship in the past with a client that was "draining" for me. As many have said, sounds like you feel strongly that the client is not a good fit for you or your business. I would encourage you to be honest and just say "it is not a good fit". I did this with a...
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    possible new client

    It could just be that the client got busy. I know, when I am running my business, sometimes I get distracted with "doing business" and have to table some items I want to implement. Have you followed up with the prospect? If you do a newsletter or a blog, possibly you can encourage the...
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    Help Selecting Printer!

    I purchased a Samsung wireless printer last year as I thought it would be helpful. Wrong assumption. We are on a wireless router for all computers in our house. To make a long story short and hours of trouble shooting with tech support, the router and the wireless printer are not compatible...
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    Free WordPress Installation & Setup (Great Resource)

    Meg, So glad you received great results with this service. :happydance: Thanks for the information and feedback!