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  1. Riley VA

    Google+ Pages now open for business

    Will you be setting up your page? I have not done so as yet but thought I would share this link.
  2. Riley VA

    Social Media Magazines (Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin)

    I stumbled upon this and subscribed last week since I am trying to learn as much as I can about Social Media. The magazines went live earlier today. I have been going through the Linkedin magazine, since that was my learning goal for this week already. Has some...
  3. Riley VA

    Please review my website

    Hi, I am getting ready to launch my business next Monday, 9/26. Whew! Wordpress was quite a learning curve for me. However, I was determined to learn it. I welcome your feedback on my website Thanks for your time.
  4. Riley VA

    Need help with tagline

    Hi, I am still in the planning stage but now preparing to lauch in September after a few months of intense research and planning. I registered my business name last week which is Genwil Business Solutions and I will be offering general administrative services to start. I tried to reduce the size...
  5. Riley VA

    Hello from Maryland

    Hello Everyone, I would love to start my own VA business and I am so excited to have found this forum. I am new to the US as well, but I have administrative experience. I am looking forward to learning alot from VAF.