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  1. The Office Virtuoso

    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I agree with Mak...I always say I'm a Virtual Assistant and then take the opportunity to explain exactly what a VA is and what one can do for them/their business.
  2. The Office Virtuoso

    Win a FREE 6 month featured link in the VAF Directory!

    Flexibility. I have the flexibility to be available to bring my children to and from school every day and get to hear all about what happened while they were there first hand... and still meet all of my deadlines. I have the flexibility to go on a field trip with my child or care for my child...
  3. The Office Virtuoso

    Found my Niche too

    Thanks Leslie! I checked it out and have also found a couple other websites that have been helpful. I'm teaching myself as I go :)
  4. The Office Virtuoso

    Found my Niche too

    Does anyone have experience with G702 & G703? I'm not finding too much in the way of an explanation on the web :(
  5. The Office Virtuoso

    Upstate New York-based Vital Office Solutions is now VOS Team, a Super Multi-VA Company

    Congrats Christina, glad to hear things are going well for you!
  6. The Office Virtuoso

    Hello from Chicago!!!

    Yes N. - please do join us at our meet up on 8/28!
  7. The Office Virtuoso

    Hello from Chicago

    Sonya, Welcome to VAF. And please, do join us on June 26 - we always have a great time while we share insight into the VA industry! See you there!
  8. The Office Virtuoso

    Offering Services as Prizes

    Pauline - Yes, I have actually done this. Our local high school was having a silent auction and asked for donations. I donated a "gift certificate" good for a couple hours of virtual assistance. I attended the auction and actually overheard a conversation where a group was discussing who I...
  9. The Office Virtuoso

    Time it takes to transcribe an hour

    Jo: There are several factors involved: Number of speakers Accents Clarity of the audio The equipment you use - if you have a foot pedal, good headphones, etc The template/format Also keep in mind your responsibility for editing/proofreading! As a general rule I figure 1 hour of audio...
  10. The Office Virtuoso

    Interview with Cindy Bruce of Essential Office Solutions

    Re: 5/2010 Interview with Cindy Bruce of Essential Office Solutions Thanks for sharing Cindy! And thanks for starting the Illinois Virtual Assistant Group - I'm so glad us Illinois VAs have a great network/support system with an awesome leader!
  11. The Office Virtuoso

    Hello from Cindy Greenway

    Welcome to VAF Cindy! Looking forward to your posts.
  12. The Office Virtuoso

    HELP PLEASE!! New to the world of dictaphone

    Brigette: I have not used a Dictaphone system either (all of mine were WAV files, mp3s, or dvds). I always charge by audio minute. If you are looking for practice, check with your church or city hall. They may have sermons or city council meetings they need transcribed (they get their audio...
  13. The Office Virtuoso

    Speed Networking

    I saw Joy there networking up a storm:) I think I liked the speed networking part more than traditional networking - everyone gets right to the point and I think you get your message out more efficiently and to more people/businesses. See you next time Joy!
  14. The Office Virtuoso

    Tagline help

    Busi Home Services - we take care of all your busi work! (This one covers all your can list all the services you offer now...and add the others later, without having to rework your branding.) Just popped into my head while reading your post - hope it helps:)
  15. The Office Virtuoso

    Hello from Chicago!

    Hi Erin! Welcome to VAF and I hope to see you at the Illinois VA's meetup!
  16. The Office Virtuoso

    Transcription that includes an interpreter

    I have done bilingual (Spanish/English) transcription before and I actually found it a little easier because I didn't have to rewind as often, because I was hearing everything twice (once in English and once in Spanish). I only transcribed it one time though. I would recommend checking with...
  17. The Office Virtuoso

    Where to get tax forms NOW?

    Are you trying to make a 1099 for yourself? Do you use an EIN? Because I didn't get one from one of my clients and they said that I used my EIN instead of my SS#, so they don't have to provide a 1099. If you still want to make a 1099 for yourself - Is there an accountant or a tax preparer in...
  18. The Office Virtuoso

    Most Common Request

    All types of business. Some are looking for info about their competitors, some are looking to explore the market for a new product or service, and some are looking for info they know is out there, somewhere on the Internet and they want you to find it so they can use it for their articles...
  19. The Office Virtuoso

    Most Common Request

    Research, proofreading, and transcription are my most requested