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  1. ablackburn

    Payroll software for mutiple businesses

    I am looking for a payroll software that I may use for multiple businesses. If anyone knows of one please let me know. Thanks, Ann
  2. ablackburn

    Odd niche...need opinions!

    I have been working on starting my VA business for a long while now. I've been excited to get it up and running but I've felt like I was missing something because I hadn't found my niche and I didn't know which direction I wanted to take my business. Then this happened. My husband and I...
  3. ablackburn

    Microsoft Elevate America - free courses/certifications

    Just thought I would share this info to the people like myself who had not heard about it. Microsoft is partnering with different states to offer vouchers for E-Learning courses and select certification exams at no cost to you. I plan on taking as many of the classes as possible. Just thought I...
  4. ablackburn

    Can't remember the name of the design company. Can anyone help me?

    I'm trying to remember the name of a company that did logos for virtual assistants and others. I first saw it because of a banner on our forum. And for the life of me I can't remember the name of the company. I know they did a logo that had something to do with an alligator. I thought it looked...
  5. ablackburn


    I worked on my logo this weekend. Everyone check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks to all. Ann
  6. ablackburn

    Logo Ideas

    Okay. So I have decided on my business name. It is Ann's Virtual Desk. Now I'm trying to figure out some ideas for logos. I can design but I'm just not creative. Does anyone have some ideas that might help? Thanks, Ann
  7. ablackburn

    How about this name?

    Hi. I've been wanting to set up my own business doing virtual assistance for about 8 months now and have been reading...reading...reading. Well I'm ready to jump in. Trying to think of a business name and I like Ann's Virtual Desk. What do you think. And as a tagline I was thinking: From your...