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  1. executive_assist

    Problem Thesis Anyone?

    I'm trying to embed a video in the multimedia box on thesis. I am hosting the video on Amazon S3. Everytime we get the code in it will work, but not stop looping. Once the paramaters are in to add controls, it stops working. Anyone have any experience with something like this? I am totally...
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    Is it a good idea to run a separate domain as a sub domain?

    Hi ladies! I am getting ready to purchase a second domain and wanted to run it as a sub domain so that I won't incur an extra hosting fee. My question is, is it going to hurt the domain to do it that way. The other question is that if I do that, do you have any good resources for how to...
  3. executive_assist

    At What Point Did You Assemble Your Team?

    I have been flying solo for the past year and only have openings for 2, possibly 3 new clients. I have a couple of people ready to step in when I start getting over loaded, but at what point did you start to assemble your team? I'm sticking with loan officers and agents because that's what I...
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    Article Real Estate Virtual Assistant in Realtor Magazine

    I often wondered why REVAs haven't been interviewed in Realtor Magazine, at least none of the issues I had time to read. So tonight when I was unwinding a bit and settled in for a good read, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the article, "Getting Deals Done: Could a Transaction Coordinator...
  5. executive_assist

    Free Stuff Free Tools For Entrepreneurs!

    I just stopped over to read some articles online at Entrpreneuer and found a tab titled Entreprneuer Assist. Here you can register for free, and use the tools they provide for free as well. You are able to create documents and presentations, use and customize the business forms available, read a...
  6. executive_assist

    Free Stuff Free tool to find wesite traffic demographics

    This FREE tool will tell you exactly the demographic of the people visiting a website. I do know you have to have a certain amount of traffic for it to populate the data for you, but if you are in the business of website redesign for higher traffic websites, what an awesome tool. The website for...
  7. executive_assist

    Very Cool (free!) Social Media Icons

    Hey everyone! Rebecca of CLR shared this site with me. :cool:It has links to tons of very cool and original social media icons which will match just about any look you have on your website. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am! And thanks Rebeccca!:applause:
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    free slideshow creator for facebook

    This website has many features that may be helpful for your with your clients and some really fun stuff for you as well. It has a slide show creator for myspace and facebook, e-cards, and scrapbooking templates. I found this site when my husband sent me an e-card for my birthday for this year...
  9. executive_assist

    Question How to choose keywords in relation to competition

    I am diligently studying SEO, and as I am no expert at it I have a question regarding keywords. I am using a free version of Market Samarai and their program says you should use keywords that will give you the most traffic with the least competition. It says start with keywords with competition...
  10. executive_assist

    Resource Naming Your Business

    I also went through the frustration of finding the perfect name for my business, but this article in Inc. Magazine tells us that the actual name isn't as important as you think. Here is the link if you would like to read it. I think it...
  11. executive_assist

    New and Improved Me!

    As some of you are aware, I have decided to create a new website specific to real estate. I still have my Executive @ssist site for small business admin, but as I am really focusing in on real estate I wanted my website to reflect that. I would appreciate any reviews on my new site and logo. The...
  12. executive_assist

    Hint Wondering how social media can work?

    I have been diligently working on my social media for the past several weeks. I have set it up that my tweets on twitter go to my Facebook page and LinkedIn. So, to build my following on Facebook I have been posting on twitter to add me on facebook with the link to my Facebook fan page. It has...
  13. executive_assist

    Need 4 more fans please!

    If you haven't already added me on facebook, I need 4 more fans for my vanity url. the link is Please add me so I can stop typing in this insanely long url! Thanks!
  14. executive_assist

    Please review new layout

    Hi everyone! I changed my website. :out:Again. I didn't like all the empty white space, so if I could get some feedback I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks!
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    I just joined for my local area and I just wanted to say there seem to be some really good groups to get involved in. I joined one that gives me an opportunity for one coaching call to help improve my website for around $15 and the other is a business builders group that only...
  16. executive_assist

    Brag Call from press release.

    I have had one call so far this morning from my press release. Although she was looking for someone in house as opposed to virtual she said she would keep me in mind and would refer anyone she thought of.:applause:In all, the call went quite well.
  17. executive_assist

    found a VA ezine.

    I found an Ezine for VAs called VA today and thought this could be a great resouce. ( I think you might like this Tess;)) It's VA Today quarterly magazine on www.virtualassistantheadquarters . This quarters magazine is on the topic of ethics.
  18. executive_assist

    Hint For all of you wanting brochures etc.

    In one of the threads on here is a link that tells you about free online learning at HP. In my exploration of that site I found a link to business marketing identity kits. It is Hope you all find this useful, if not for...
  19. executive_assist

    Website Optimizer?

    I was just wondering if any of you have used the website optimizer in Google Analytics? I am going to check it out, but I wanted to know if any of you have had any luck using it.
  20. executive_assist

    Facebook Fan Page

    Hey everyone! I am 12 fans away from my vanity URL on facebook. Could you all help me out with getting more fans? Thanks!