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    My first networking meeting was great!

    I'm just starting up but I was invited to a networking meeting on Friday. I figured why not! It's never to early to start. It was great! The women were wonderful and so friendly! I made some wonderful contacts and one is already working out for me and I'm hoping the others pan out as well...
  2. J

    I have a name!

    I've decided to go with Colleague For Hire. Now I need a tag line. I was thinking of "Helping you make more time for your business". I'm hoping I didn't see it and then think I thought it up all on my own a few days later! Any ideas from you creative people?
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    Hello from Georgia!

    Hi! I have been researching being a VA and I plan on starting part time. I start school again in October. I have been an office manager for over 10 years. I started out working with builders. I last worked for a storage company running the business and doing their bookkeeping and now I am doing...