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  1. executive_assist

    Fees - how do your clients like them?

    I mostly do packages Luz, but agents are terrible control freaks lol. That is why I will do the hourly model if pushed, but they have to deal with my rate without questions if they want hourly. I won't negotiate down on it.
  2. executive_assist

    Fees - how do your clients like them?

    Hi KaLioMele! I've been a REVA since late 2009, in real estate since 2004. I use a combination of fee structure for my clients. Some like hourly, and some like packages. I can do the packages because I know how long it takes me to do certain tasks, and then set the package rate accordingly. I...
  3. executive_assist

    Transaction Coordination

    I have a checklist set up that I put into my project manager software. This is how I manage my listing and transaction coordination tasks. And yes, we do a high volume. I currently am managing listings and TC work for 9 agents in different states.
  4. executive_assist

    1on1 or? who should i use to host and develop?

    I use Host Gator for all of my sites. It's 7.95 per month and I use Wordpress install. It has the cPanel and if you get stuck their customer support has been great.
  5. executive_assist

    Problem Thesis Anyone?

    I'm trying to embed a video in the multimedia box on thesis. I am hosting the video on Amazon S3. Everytime we get the code in it will work, but not stop looping. Once the paramaters are in to add controls, it stops working. Anyone have any experience with something like this? I am totally...
  6. executive_assist

    Professional Development for 2012

    I am revamping my website and creating a new pink spoon. For development, I am enrolling in a business coaching program for the year which will help me with the stretching myself I plan on doing this year. As far as learning something new, I am going to learn more tech this year, such as...
  7. executive_assist

    Question Where do most of your new clients come from?

    It's a 50/50 split from referrals from clients and from larger companies that have heard of me online.
  8. executive_assist

    How is business this spring?

    Things slowed down for me at the beginning of the year, but started picking up again in March. I'm slow again this month, but still have several prospects I'm talking with. It's rather up and down. lol.
  9. executive_assist

    Is it a good idea to run a separate domain as a sub domain?

    Thanks so much Jules! I am on the phone with them now and I can do the add on domain for just the cost of the domain name:) Happy day!
  10. executive_assist

    Is it a good idea to run a separate domain as a sub domain?

    Thanks Lee! I think I'll give them a call tomorrow to get it all set up.
  11. executive_assist

    Is it a good idea to run a separate domain as a sub domain?

    Hi ladies! I am getting ready to purchase a second domain and wanted to run it as a sub domain so that I won't incur an extra hosting fee. My question is, is it going to hurt the domain to do it that way. The other question is that if I do that, do you have any good resources for how to...
  12. executive_assist

    Waving Hello

    Hi Melissa:) Great to have you here, although sadly I haven't been as active lately as I have been in the past. I'm also a REVA and love it. It has been keeping me extremely busy this past year! So let me be the first to welcome you!
  13. executive_assist


    I use it for myself and my clients. It's a good program.
  14. executive_assist

    At What Point Did You Assemble Your Team?

    Thanks Amanda! I'm taking time this week to plan it all out. I know I will be subcontracting and I have 2 people lined up that I already know are excellent, so that isn't so much the issue. I just wondered how soon to start doing it or if I'm jumping the gun here. I hadn't originally planned to...
  15. executive_assist

    At What Point Did You Assemble Your Team?

    I have been flying solo for the past year and only have openings for 2, possibly 3 new clients. I have a couple of people ready to step in when I start getting over loaded, but at what point did you start to assemble your team? I'm sticking with loan officers and agents because that's what I...
  16. executive_assist

    REVA for more than one Real Estate Client?

    I have 2 agents in the same market and don't have any issues with it. I don't mention them to each other and I don't discuss what each of them is doing, nor have they asked me. They work in different offices, but they honestly are doing 2 completely different things with their marketing and...
  17. executive_assist

    Looking for Flyer to drop off at RE offices

    I have been using Avery tri-fold brochures to mail out to potential clients looking for something in hand more recently. Here is the link for those of you that were looking for a brochure sample. That is for the design and print online which will allow you to choose from various templates to...
  18. executive_assist

    Question What is your most in-demand service?

    My most in demand service would be database clean up and management hands down. People add all sorts of things to their databases and before they realize it, it's grown into a monster. lol. So I go in and clean it up and keep it humming for them:)
  19. executive_assist

    Greeting From A New Cleveland OH VA

    :welcome: I'm also from Ohio.... about an hour and a half south of the Cleveland area. It's always great to meet new VAs, even if virtually! I hope you'll have fun with your start up. I know I did, and I can promise you'll find tons of info here. This was my main source of info for starting my...
  20. executive_assist

    Anyone a member of oDesk?

    I have my profile on there, but I also have my rates listed at a professional level. I won't take less than that. I only ever got one project from Odesk, and it was for a blog post. When she contacted me to write more, I explained she would have to post again or something... she never did. But I...