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  1. rsmanuel

    Question Tax Preparation

    Hi, Romaine I have actually been part of the forums for almost two years now; however, I have yet to actually take my business live. Finishing up my degree (Associates), taking care of my kids and working full time has consumed me. With that being said, I am claiming 2016 as my year for no...
  2. rsmanuel

    Question Tax Preparation

    Hi, Romaine I know this is a few months late; however, I suggest Drake Software. I have been using it for over two years now and love it. They have a pay per return option, which is $300 and includes 15 returns, and then you pay for each additional. If your business grows enough, you can...
  3. rsmanuel

    Question Internet Research vs. Looking For A Person

    That's a good questions, Karen! In my opinion, unless you're offering yourself as researcher of genealogy, I don't believe it would be necessary to put out the time and expense for paid services. Most individuals that I've seen that offer these services are offering research on a particular...
  4. rsmanuel

    Send to FB or EventBrite?...that is the question.

    I agree with The Agile Assistant and would post the link directly to EventBright. I have had many friends in the past post links for photo contests, etc. to a FB page with instructions to "like" the photo to vote. This makes people believe they just have to like the photo on the FB page and...
  5. rsmanuel

    HELP! Should I quit my Full time Job?

    Hi, Stacey! It's a hard decision to make, isn't it? I am at that point myself, although I am not under working distress as you are with your current job. Although it is a hard decision to make, I have read multiple stories of VAs quitting their full time job, or being laid off and forced...
  6. rsmanuel


    Welcome to the forums, Deborah! You have made a great choice in surrounding yourself by such supportive individuals! :) Do you have a particular niche or are you a generalist?
  7. rsmanuel

    Website: Did You Create Your Own or Outsource?

    Christine, I absolutely love your website! That is the project I am crusading now. Some things I am finding very easy and others are quite difficult. After seeing what can be accomplished with a little perseverance, I believe I will stick it out and learn it myself, rather than outsource!
  8. rsmanuel

    Opinion on Taglines & Logos

    Once again, I have to agree with Tess! I let all of this confusion over logos and taglines hinder my progress on creating my business last year; however, a year later, I have a completely new outlook and I am making progress more quickly. I put my logo design in the hands of...
  9. rsmanuel

    Question Private client log-in area

    I was very glad to stumble across this post. I have been wanting to do the same thing and wasn't sure on how to go about it. Thank you all for your input and recommendations. Very informational!
  10. rsmanuel

    Your favorite accounting software

    Although this is an older post, I just wanted to add my two cents in for QuickBooks as well. As Cindy said above, they offer a ProAdvisor Program that includes everything you need as far as software goes and certification is free. While finances may be a factor, the ProAdvisor Program does...
  11. rsmanuel

    Article Top 5 mistakes all freelancers should avoid!

    Very interesting article! Thank you so much for sharing. I can use all of the information I can get and this article included a lot of great tips. Hope you have a great week!
  12. rsmanuel

    "Perfect" Linked In Profiles

    Thank you so much for posting these, Myra! I am not quite to this stage yet; however, I hope to be in the very near future. These tips have definitely put my mind at ease a bit. With a website to design, at least my LinkedIn profile doesn't seem like such hard work anymore!
  13. rsmanuel

    Time tracking?

    I have used TimeSlips by Sage in the past; however, while it is a great program with a lot of options, it requires a lot of work to actually learn the program. I use the time tracking option in QuickBooks now and find it to be a lot easier and user friendly.
  14. rsmanuel

    Question Need help naming a new SEO company

    Hi, Jennifer. After reading your posts and everyone's replies, I think that "IndigitalSEO" has a really nice ring to it. It not only sounds professional, but seems to roll off the tongue easily, which can make it easier to remember. Best of luck with your naming process and let us know what...
  15. rsmanuel

    WordPress vs. Weebly

    I was very happy to have found your post and you stole the words right out of my mouth with what you said above. I had read all the reviews I could find on which web design product to use and found excellent reviews on WordPress; however, I had the hardest time trying to figure it out! After...
  16. rsmanuel

    Calculating your rate

    Thank you so much for this post! I am so glad it was made a sticky. I am at a point in my start up where I need to establish my rates and this has absolutely been a God send. Perhaps that's why you're the "Office Goddess". Ronda
  17. rsmanuel

    Local Chamber of Commerce

    I agree that starting out with smaller groups are best. Just keep in mind that everyone there is a business owner, just like you, looking for leads on new clients and projects. Just be yourself and get to know them. Build relationships with them. People are often more willing to refer or do...
  18. rsmanuel

    Local Chamber of Commerce

    At the networking group that my employer participates in, they bring several business cards for each member. If any of the members come across someone in their daily business that are looking for our type of services, they hand out our business card to the individual(s). It is a very effective...
  19. rsmanuel

    Question Car advertising?

    Thank you for the advice! I wouldn't have thought about that being a requirement. I definitely plan on checking into this.
  20. rsmanuel

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Thank you all for your warm greetings and words of encouragement. I truly appreciate it. Now that the first rush of tax season is coming to an end, I hope to dive in full force in making my dreams a reality!