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  1. Riley VA


    I have been using it for a few months as well and I love it.
  2. Riley VA

    From Usain Bolt Country and Mo Farah Country

    Welcome to VAF Tanya. You will find lots of support here. Wishing you much success with your business.
  3. Riley VA

    Question Anyone used for project management?

    I recently started using Teamwork PM and love it. I love the ease of use.
  4. Riley VA

    Hello from Rock Hill, SC

    Welcome to VAF Talanda! As Mattie said there's so much you can learn here. Remember to use the search feature to help you experience a more targeted research while you are here. All the best with your business!
  5. Riley VA

    Another new VA

    Welcome Shannon! Glad you are already finding this forum to be useful to you. Wishing you much success with your business!
  6. Riley VA

    Re: At Last!

    Congrats on moving forward with your business! Wishing you much success!
  7. Riley VA

    Check Out My Business Card....What Do You Think?

    Great job on your business cards! They are really lovely! Nice first impression of course!!
  8. Riley VA

    New VA in MD

    Congrats on your first client! This is a great "place" for you to be - there is just so much to learn here! Wishing you much success!
  9. Riley VA

    Resource 101 Resources for First Time Entrepreneurs

    Thanks for sharing this Linda! Great resource indeed.
  10. Riley VA

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to VAF Mrs. Karla! Lots to learn here. Congrats on securing your first client. All the best!
  11. Riley VA

    Hello from Michigan

    Hi Tina! Welcome to VAF. Glad to hear you are learning here. Wishing you success!
  12. Riley VA

    10 Commandments for the 2012 Virtual Assistant - Your Virtual Wizard Blog

    Hi Janine! This is a great blog post! I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Riley VA

    Hello from Calgary, Alberta

    Welcome back! I looooove your business name. Wishing you much success.
  14. Riley VA

    New(ish) Member Jumping In!

    Hi, welcome to VAF! You will learn alot here. Like Stacy said, don't entertain those naysayers! Run when you see them. Keep focused on "your dreams!" Wishing you much success as you take the plunge. I can relate to how you feel when you had your "ahaha moment." Oh how my many "ahaha moments"...
  15. Riley VA

    Oops I Never Intro'd

    Hi Amanda, I agree with Lily, I have seen you utilizing the boards for awhile now. Good for you, that is what VAF is all about. Welcome to VAF (officially). Wishing you much success with your business.
  16. Riley VA

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to VAF Clacy! I can tell you are already finding this a very useful place to be. Wishing you continued successs.
  17. Riley VA

    Google+ Pages now open for business

    Will you be setting up your page? I have not done so as yet but thought I would share this link.
  18. Riley VA

    Help figuring out my niche...

    Hi Amanda, you may find this thread here on VAF helpful as well.
  19. Riley VA

    New member

    Hi Vanessa! Welcome to VAF! There is a wealth of information here. Don't forget to use the search feature at the top right corner of your screen to refine the info you are interested in. As Lily said, read, read, read. Wishing you much success!