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  1. alicespencer

    Learning relevant skills

    Long story, shortish... I left my career as an ophthalmic medical assistant about 2-/12 years ago due to complications from fibromyalgia. I looked into becoming a VA, and almost immediately starting learning web design/development (mostly so I could build a website for my business). While I love...
  2. alicespencer

    VA for Creative People

    I hope this is okay to post in the speakers/authors/coaches forum. As I'm developing my business plan and branding (that's a job in and of itself), I find I'm leaning towards working with artists/creative types in general (jewelers, potters, painters, writers etc). Problem is, while I identify...
  3. alicespencer

    Easy accounting software for non-bookkeepers

    I admit it, a bookkeeper I am not. I still balance my checking account with reciepts and my online statement with pencil, paper and a calculator :blush2: It definitely won't be a service I offer, at least from the outset, but I know I need a more professional way to keep my business records...
  4. alicespencer

    Trello: (FREE:) Project Management software

    I found a new FREE project management software this morning that I wanted to share. I don't know much about it yet, but it looks VERY user friendly. It's software as a service, so nothing to download and it works on iphones and android too (which is how I found it, was one of my free apps...
  5. alicespencer

    Greetings from New Hampshire

    Hi Everyone. I'm Alice, and I'm new to the VA world. I do, however, have several years experience working from home, but have been working in a medical office for the last five years. I'm really looking forward to this new venture and getting back to being my own boss :sunny: Right now I'm in...