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  1. yourvirtualassistant

    Facebook ads

    have you tried Facebook Advertisement? If not, i would suggest you to watch a training course regarding " $5 dollar post"
  2. yourvirtualassistant

    Best sites for Social Media Posting?

    to do that, you can use onlywire for Automated Social Bookmarking
  3. yourvirtualassistant

    SEO Question

    he can just re design the website into modern look than creating a new website from scratch
  4. yourvirtualassistant

    SEO Question

    Hello SuzannaK There is no such thing as "Old site looked out of date" remember that google likes old sites compare to the new one. I would suggest to continue the Old site, since its already ranking on page 4. it indicates that Google already trusted that domain. Hope it helps
  5. yourvirtualassistant

    Virtual Phone Numbers?

    I'm using virtualphoneline to do all the call forwarding service with my US clients
  6. yourvirtualassistant

    Facebook ads

    Hi Emmeelue84, When you run ads on Facebook, your account will be billed whether you have a billing threshold or not. If you have a billing threshold, your account is charged when you reach your billing threshold and at the end of the month. You'll still accrue charges for ads until you turn...
  7. yourvirtualassistant

    Wireless Headsets

    before im using wired headset but today i switched to Jabra’s wireless headsets.
  8. yourvirtualassistant

    Website Review Request

    hi Jessica, what a good start. your site is simple and its great! i want to suggest you to have a "blog page" in your website and schedule a weekly blog posting so your visitors/potential clients will love your service hope it helps
  9. yourvirtualassistant

    When my website got hacked...

    in addition to Wordfence security plugin, there's a ton of free wordpress plugin to secure your website login. check this out
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    Mac or PC or Both?

    The technical specifications offered by Macs and PCs can be very similar or very different, depending on which brand and line you're comparing. While they both have similar internal parts (processors, RAM, hard drives, video cards), the speed and capacity of these components vary. But myself...
  11. yourvirtualassistant

    When my website got hacked...

    Hi Tariro, Better to backup your website all the time. some hosting provider can perform daily backup your website per year for a cheap cost. myself would prefer this one. or use a plugin called Backupbuddy, Its not free but its better! Hope it helps
  12. yourvirtualassistant

    Paypal & Invoicing

    Hello, I'm using paypal and I setup monthly recurring invoice to my client. every month i receive automatic payments to my clients using paypal. hope it helps
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    Hi Milla, Welcome to the community. Godbless you!
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    Thoughts on Logo?

    Everything looks clean and simple. awesome piece!
  15. yourvirtualassistant

    Website Hosting and Another Q?

    Katie,I would recommend Because WordPress is Free as in Freedom,WordPress is Easy to Use and Learn,WordPress is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins,WordPress is Search Engine Friendly,WordPress is Easy To Manage and lastly WordPress is Safe and Secure For hosting, i would...
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    Getting ready to send letters out

    any updates with your application? I hope with your success
  17. yourvirtualassistant

    How to find clients via LinkedIn?

    you can also try this.. First, join a few LinkedIn groups to network with a wider audience. Second, use the excellent functionality of Advanced Search to find prospects. You can filter by relationship, groups, location and industry, and the Save Search function even allows you to store...
  18. yourvirtualassistant

    Tip What Project Management Software you are using?

    I heard about it. what i don't like with that software is, there's no "budget management feature,Portfolio Management and Idea Management. that is very important to me.
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    Question What are the top 3 business productivity software/apps you use?

    Actually im using 10 different software but my top 3 list are: -Dropbox -Basecamp -skype
  20. yourvirtualassistant

    Question My logo, name and tagline

    my 1st recommendation is that no matter what name or tag line you select, before make your final choice, I recommend you do a search and check your Top 5 choices through the United States Patent & Trademark Office ( - under Trademark Search). This is to ensure that whatever you do...