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  1. alicespencer

    Learning relevant skills

    Long story, shortish... I left my career as an ophthalmic medical assistant about 2-/12 years ago due to complications from fibromyalgia. I looked into becoming a VA, and almost immediately starting learning web design/development (mostly so I could build a website for my business). While I love...
  2. alicespencer

    Question Help with Pricing Packages Please!

    Hi Joan, I made a boo, boo, class starts Next Thursday, June 13, but there are a couple of slots open. The class is so worth it. Michelle goes so far above and beyond. I'll being helping her out with this class, I was one of the original guinea pigs back in Feb, and I'm over the moon excited...
  3. alicespencer

    Firebug - again

    I love Firebug. I'm a WordPress gal, but love me some CSS and HTML (am learning other coding too, but not enough to use yet). I use Chrome as my default browser and always forget I don't have Firebug here since it's a Firefox extension, BUT there's always inspect element. I usually have a...
  4. alicespencer

    Question Help with Pricing Packages Please!

    I too am try to figure out package pricing on most things. Packages that seem the easiest to me are Blog/Website creation, Newsletter creation (formatting, proofing, testing, etc), and E-event setup. Some of the things I'm still struggling with, and will probably go with hourly are typing...
  5. alicespencer

    FREE Brainstorming Call: 5 Social Media Mistakes Costing You $$$ with Luz Donahue

    So glad this call was recorded! I was really bummed about missing it, BUT... I was having an in-person consult with my first client!! (which I'm going to talk about in another thread) I can't wait to hear the call.
  6. alicespencer

    FREE Brainstorming Call: 5 Social Media Mistakes Costing You $$$ with Luz Donahue

    Re: This Saturday! FREE Brainstorming Call: 5 Social Media Mistakes Costing You $$$ with Luz Donahue Anna, I haven't had the pleasure of talking to Luz before, but she's pretty well known for being the social media VA genius. I totally didn't realize my client meeting conflicted with the call...
  7. alicespencer

    FREE Brainstorming Call: 5 Social Media Mistakes Costing You $$$ with Luz Donahue

    Re: This Saturday! FREE Brainstorming Call: 5 Social Media Mistakes Costing You $$$ with Luz Donahue RATS!! I just realized I have a meeting with a client this afternoon. Any chance this is going to be recorded?
  8. alicespencer

    hello all

    Hi Lindsay, welcome! Wow, three little girls, you must have so much fun. My kids are 9 years apart in age, my daughter is 15 and my son is 6. Discovering a name for your business is hard. I pretty much hit up everyone I knew, told them what I was doing and asked if they would help me...
  9. alicespencer

    Greetings From Greece

    Hi Anna, I love the Become a VA ebook. It's got a lot of great information and has been really helpful to me in getting my business set up. I am also finishing up the Jumpstart class which was great also. I know the legal stuff will probably be a lot different though. I think Greek and...
  10. alicespencer

    Question Coworking...... Networking

    That sounds like it could be a nice change from working at home all the time. I've heard of coworking, but the closest space looks like its about 45 minutes away from me :-( I'd go look at all the facilities and get to know some of the people before you decide. The place closest to me offers...
  11. alicespencer

    Hello From SC

    I'm envious of all you southerners right now ;-) It's freezing here in New Hampshire. I visted Charleston about 18 years ago and was in love with it. I lived in Virginia and North Carolina for a few years in my early 20's. While I'm from New England, I wouldn't have gone back if my now...
  12. alicespencer

    Greetings From Greece

    Hi Anna!! Welcome. I think you will find VAF to be really helpful for getting your VA business running. I was lucky to find this group very early on in my searching and the people are amazing. You'll find there are members from all over the world. Have you thought about marketing to business...
  13. alicespencer

    Make your card stand out from the rest.

    Oh, I love the idea of a photo on the card. I'm terrible with putting names and faces together. I'm going to a VA training event in April and was thinking about asking people if I could take their picture when I get their card (and take a close up of that, either just before or after the pic of...
  14. alicespencer

    Business Cards from

    Glad to hear some business card reviews. I'm really not sure what to go with, and how many I'll need. I'll probably do a small order to start with. I like the idea of the chubby and skinny card sizes, different is good.
  15. alicespencer

    Excitement breeds suspicion!

    If you think it's something that may be legit, you should follow up (I'd think a group on LinkedIn would probably be legit). Sometimes if someone is really busy, you may get lost in the shuffle and that person may appreciate another "hey, I'm still here if you need help, can we set up a time to...
  16. alicespencer

    Question establishing trust with clients

    I'm lucky my first client is someone I know personally (though not well). She has already referred me to a colleague of hers and I'll be meeting with her via Skype next week. People who look for a VA are going to look at testimonials, or have heard about you via word of mouth from family...
  17. alicespencer

    Education question

    I haven't used Microsoft Suite in 10 years at least. There are some really amazing options available that have more flexiblity and are free. My favorite for years has been It's open source (free), can save to virtually any file type (PC or Mac) and is powerful beyond...
  18. alicespencer

    About Me Section of My Website

    I disagree with Rhonda. I don't think using I/me makes a bio look more braggy. I think a well-written first person bio is much more approachable than one written in the third person. You are your business and you want to reflect your brand, and I think as a solopreneur you want to be as...
  19. alicespencer

    Website in a few hours....

    Overall I think you're going in the right direction. There is nothing wrong with simple. There's too much text though. Bullet points, statements rather than sentences etc. The human eye is trained to skim, not read. If you want placeholder text go to Lorum Ipsum. I agree with Julie about it...
  20. alicespencer

    Mac or PC or Both?

    Stewart, I agree with you. My first computer was a Commodore 64 way back when ;-) so I learned DOS, then Mac, then PC. I remember being so excited to have my very own custom built 486 PC in the early 90's. I use both PC and Mac interchangeably, but currently only have a PC. Unless you are...