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    Usually when someone lists WordPress knowledge and experience they are looking for someone who knows the system. It's the version that is installed on your own domain/hosting. Sometimes they just want someone who knows the things that Christheva mentioned above, sometimes they want...
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    Question What are your favorite Kindle Fire business apps?

    I just got my Kindle Fire HDX for Christmas, but so far I've used Kingsoft Office, which lets me view/edit and send MS Office docs, the Evernote app, Adobe Reader for viewing the many .pdf docs I deal with. I know Kindle has a built in pdf reader, but I've found Adobe to a better reading...
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    Update on Freshbooks

    I started out with the free account at Freshbooks and then 'graduated' to the paid version. I love it and it's worth every penny. I think they have the best customer service I've dealt with in years. When my iTunes account was compromised a few years ago I had to contact them and they went...
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    Billing for Hours Worked

    I don't send clients timesheets that are that detailed. In fact, very few of my clients want a timesheet and those that do are only asking because the time they've purchased is split between two business entities. I simply keep track of time, so there is no need to explain what time was spent...
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    Billing for Hours Worked

    When I first started out, I was very lucky to have a client that always said "I'll pay you to learn the program/service/etc." when I explained I wasn't familiar with something but was certain it was something that I could learn easily. If they hadn't offered that, I probably would have set time...
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    HELP!!! Complimentary Services / Passing Expenses to Clients

    I consider my eFax and conference call services a business expense so it's a consideration when I set my rates. Items that are project specific and not ongoing monthly expenses I bill. For example doing traditional mailings, I bill the added expense of postage, stationary, printer ink as well...
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    Photos for blogging - Any blogging VAs?

    I didn't notice anyone mentioning stock.xchng which is a free stock image site. It can be more limiting that the paid stock sites, so I don't use it as much as I use Fotolia , but it's nice to have a free option too. I do a lot of blogging, PowerPoint presentations, etc. so I use a combination...
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    Did you use a free WordPress theme or purchase one?

    Re: Did you use a free WordPress them or purchase one? Melody, I'm glad you've found the tutorials helpful.:) Yes, in order to continue to get theme updates and support you do have to renew each year, but Headway offers a discount for renewing, up to 50% on the developer license. If you...
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    Did you use a free WordPress theme or purchase one?

    Re: Did you use a free WordPress them or purchase one? My current theme of choice is Headway because of it's extreme flexibility and ability to create totally unique layouts on every page if I wanted to. I'm the type of person who likes to change things up frequently and Headway allows me to do...
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    Question Billing, rates, and more...

    The calculator is a start, but don't forget to think about your value when setting those rates!
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    Question How can I create a magazine?

    I know Issuu allows you to publish an online magazine? I'm sure there are more out there though.
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    Question Plimus

    If you're looking for a payment processor (like PayPal) a lot of people are moving to Stripe- . I haven't yet, but I am thinking about it and weighing the pros and cons as compared to PayPal, which I use now.
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    Updated look of website

    Hi Terri! Having seen your previous site design I think the new, lighter colors are great. Instead of the "What is a virtual assistant" maybe you could put a quick, catchy one paragraph explanation of what makes your services different? For example the niche you service or the education and...
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    What would you tell this attorney?

    The legal blog (blawg) MyShingle often has great advice for small firms and solos on utilizing technology,including different ways of adopting virtual assistance. You could direct them there for additional info that might help them. I have never offered reception services but my client list is...
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    Having Backup in Case of Illness or Emergency

    I'm lucky enough to have my daughter working as my VA, mostly with things associated with VA Survival School, so if I was ever so sick I couldn't work and things absolutely had to be done, she'd fill in for me on everything but the WordPress stuff. On that front I have a couple of WP people who...
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    Tungle is Shutting Down

    I was sad to get the news, I've used them for years. :(
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    Question Embed PDF in WordPress

    I have several clients who like to embed pdf documents in their entirety quite often. What we've done is used their DocStoc or Scribd accounts to upload the pdf document, both services then give you an embed code you can put on a WordPress page (use the html area of the editor ).
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    New Client Research/Warning

    Great advice Jenifer! This is something I always do as well, it always pays off one way or another. Either you end up uncovering the bad things like you have or you impress the potential client by knowing a bit about their business. :)
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    To charge or not to charge????

    I offer a brief first consultation (between 15 and 20 minutes) for free. During that consultation when questions are asked regarding items that require lengthier answers or the sharing of information that I charge for (technology & WordPress consulting) I explain that we would need to schedule...
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    Vistaprint: Very Disappointing!

    You're not the first person who I've heard from lately that has been disappointed in Vistaprint. I'm a big, big fan of Moo cards. The quality is better than many cards I've received that were done at local print shops. I order in quantities of 50, but that's because I'm always needing to make...