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    Business Know-how?

    Thanks so much. I'm doing all of my learning online and plodding along. I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't missing an area of knowledge that I needed to add to my long list of to-dos! I did some reading through SBA and went to meet with a Mentor a while back. It was somewhat helpful...
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    Business Know-how?

    Did anybody take a business class before starting their VA business? It seems that the more I get into this area, the more I'm finding there are lots of things about running a business that I don't know. I'm just wondering if I need to plan on taking any additional business classes (not...
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    Hello, world! VA to the health and fitness industries.

    Welcome! How exciting that you will be running your first marathon soon. It sounds like you have found your ideal client since this so resonates with who you are and how you live your life. Having some freelance experience will help you get started. I'm still a fairly new business owner myself...
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    Previous EIN and using it again

    You probably need to check out SBA or IRS websites to see what you need to do legally. My gut says that you need to get a new one that has your new business name on it. I think they are pretty easy to apply for. Good luck.
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    Question Any Advice on finding successful networking events (or any specific recommendations)

    Have you checked on for any events in your area? Usually, these are smaller events which can be less intimidating. As far as the VA industry, in some areas of the country VAs have local meetup groups through IVAA. Are you specifically looking to network with other VAs or possible clients?
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    Networking events and mixers

    Susan, your book is going to be a big hit! This area is difficult for many people (including me). I know from following you on this board that you created your VA business from local networking. I’m sure you will have some pure gold nuggets of wisdom to pass on to us. I’ve gone to two...
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    Question Elance - A good way to find VA jobs?

    I believe Elance and Odesk are the same company now. For some reason, I thought that Elance had merged with Odesk. Although there are jobs on these boards, I believe in order to get the good ones, you have to be very patient and may also have to be willing to take a lower rate of pay. It's not a...
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    Former Teacher and Administrative Assistant - getting started

    You are getting some great advice from two of the best on this board. I’ll just add my two cents and say that if you are going to have your own business, you will need a website. However, you don’t need to have it today or even this month. When you start this journey (and I’m not that much...
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    Hello from Chicago!

    Hello and welcome. I was just in Naperville this week and had a meet up with a couple of VAs in your neck of the woods. It would have been fun to meet you as well!
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    Question Opinions on URL/Email Name Change

    Personally, I like the shorter version. However, having said that, I would hate to change everything. If you are already getting clients and it's working for you now, I would probably hold off changing anything. I'm new at this, so I may not be the best judge.
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    Website Content

    Lee hit the nail on the head. I'm currently rewriting my content for my website where I'm really tailoring it to my ideal client and where their challenges are. From what I've learned, you really need to craft your content in a persuasive tone without being too "salesy." What are their problems...
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    Need tips for blogging

    Thank you Denise! You have also helped me to figure out the process for blogging. I'm just starting this as well.
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    Introduction from Florida!

    Welcome Tia! You will find a wonderful community of people who truly are here to help you in your business. I'm fairly new as well, so you have come to the right place for help. Some of the veterans here are AWESOME and are willing to advise you along the way. Where can you find such a huge...
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    Question Indiana Tax Question

    Yes. I have both, but I'm not on Google Hangouts much. Only because I just haven't used it or needed it so far. I just added you to my acquaintances in Google+. My FB business page is I'm also on Skype (tammybkeck). Thanks for reaching out. It would be nice to...
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    Question Indiana Tax Question

    I'm in Central Indiana, just north of Indy. A virtual meeting sounds great to me.
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I hear you JoyfulSolutions. I'm in central Indiana and when I start to talk about VAs they sort of glaze over. I basically have to explain it by using the word REMOTE to help them understand what I do.
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    Problem Marketing Myself and My Business

    Janine & Susan, You are such great mentors for me. Thank you so much for all your contributiions to the forum. You have no idea how much your input has helped me and those of us who are figuring things out day by day. You both are awesome!:heart:
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I decided to go with VA when I started my business earlier this year. Since I'm still in the early stages, I've thought about changing it to a different name, although I have yet to find one that really resonates with me. One of the reasons that I'm even considering a change is that when I...
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    Networking Expo

    Thanks for checking on me! It was an interesting experience. There were lots of exhibitors selling their wares, but I did connect with one person that is a website designer and lives close to me. We met for coffee a couple of days later and and hope to help each other out by exchanging...
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    Looking to expand your network? Post your social networking links here!

    This is great Tess. Thanks! Facebook Personal Page Facebook Business Page LinkedIn Profile