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  1. ValentineVA

    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I read and agree with the terms. Thanks! Stephanie
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    Great Site to Learn to Build Websites

    Thanks for posting, its full in useful information!
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    Interview with Andrea Jackson of Action Jackson Virtual Assistant

    Re: 12/2009 Interview with Andrea Jackson of Action Jackson Virtual Assistant Great Great Interview!! Andrea, I enjoyed reading and learning more about your and your business! For anyone that hasn't had the chance to speak with you, this interview is a wonderful introduction!!!
  4. ValentineVA

    November 2009 Issue - TVE Ezine

    Re: November 2009 - Latest issue of The Virtual Entrepreneur Ezine! Just printed my copy and can't wait to dig in tonight when I get home :book: And yes I said print because I take notes in the margins like a school girl :scholar: Stephanie
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    5 free ways to promote your website.

    Thanks for sharing this article Mandee! Very useful information.
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    How to reply to ads for admin. assistant

    Hi, I am still in the research and development phase, but I have been looking at ads just to see what is out there. In my opinion, I would send out both a copy of your resume and a link to your website. It can't hurt either way. Stephanie
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    BOOK REVIEW - Get Clients NOW! - A 28 Day Marketing Program

    Re: Get Clients NOW! by C.J. Hayden Wow, I will certainly be adding this book to my VA library! Thanks for the great review. Stephanie
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    Launch date: what needs to be done

    Congratulations Joy on the launch of your business!! The best is yet to come :) Stephanie
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    Question Does a Business Need to be Legal Before Accepting the First Client?

    Good question and thread, I will interested to see what many of the seasoned VA's have to say in regards to this!
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    Most Popular and Required Software

    Hello all, This thread is EXACTLY what I have been searching for! I posted a thread a few days ago asking the very same question regardubg software to start out with!! This forum is absolutely wonderful :happydance: Thanks so much, Stephanie
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    General Transcription - Getting Started

    This is great information to have! I would like to do medical transcription and add that to my list of services. Express Scribe and Casting Words will be great to get my feet wet. Great thread, thanks! Stephanie
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    Genbook online appointment scheduling

    Thanks for posting, this website is great! I am sure I will need it once I get my website up and running!
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    New to the community

    Hi there and welcome! You will definitely find wisdom, encouragement and support within this forum!! I am also new and I already feel like I am at home here. Everytime I log in, I learn something new. We look forward to hearing from you :) Stephanie
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    Hey everyone!

    Hi Deidre! Welcome to the forum, you will find tons of information here and everyone is extremely helpful. Looking forward to reading your posts :) Stephanie
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    VA Master To-Do List

    Thanks for posting, I just downloaded my copy :)
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    Free Virtual Assistant Client Consult Form - contributed by 'D_Victoria'

    Re: Virtual Assistant Pre-Consult Client Questionnaire - contributed by 'DarleneG.' Thank you Darlene for providing this form. I have been waiting and posting patiently to get to 50 so that I can open up this thread!! :happydance: I loved your article in the October issue of the ezing by the...
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    What type of software should you have on your system?

    Thanks Lily! This is a great list to start with. I guess I am pretty much on my way, I have MS Office, QuickBooks (haven't used it yet) and Acrobat already. I guess I'm still developing my Niche and what skills I really plan to narrow down. I will definitely google these and see how they can...
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    Which method???

    Hi, I agree that your business website is an important instrumental part of your business as a Virtual Assistant. But, if you don't network via other social channels, how would anyone know to go to or search for your website? It could be the best created and chock full of information website...
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    Microsoft Office Groove

    I too am curious to know about Groove. I created a thread asking about different software that VA's should have on their systems. I am trying to gather as much info as I can. Any additional information on this software would be much appreciated! Stephanie
  20. ValentineVA

    Resource 16 Questions to Help You Write Your Bio

    Janine, This is wonderful! I love you for posting this. You don't know how many times in the past week I have written and re-written my about page for my website. This is a great outline to follow. Thanks for posting!! :applause: Stephanie