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  1. SuzannaK

    Site Upgrade

    I have a client who has a WordPress site that seems to have a very limited WordPress version. On the back end it has no section for Plugins, Appearance, Settings, etc. that I normally see. Does anyone have ideas for how I could upgrade this to the normal version? Thanks.
  2. SuzannaK

    Social Media Graphics

    I am looking for an easy to use tool for creating great looking social media images. What tools do you like to use and why?
  3. SuzannaK

    New clients for client

    I have a client who wants to get more calls with potential clients and she wants me to create a plan for this. Any ideas?:bulb:
  4. SuzannaK

    WordPress FAQ Plugin

    I am looking for a plugin that shows FAQ questions on a page and when you click on each question, it expands to reveal the answer. What plugin is the best for this?
  5. SuzannaK

    SEO Question

    I have a client who sells products on a website and his old website has his main keyword in the domain name (in fact, he has the main domain for the keyword) and this old site ranks on page 4 of Google for the keyword. But he had a new site built, I think because his old one looked out of date...
  6. SuzannaK

    Send to FB or EventBrite?...that is the question.

    My client is going to have a webinar. It is not a free webinar, you have to buy tickets so she set up an EventBrite page where people could buy tickets. She also set up a Facebook event page for the webinar with a link on it that directs people to the EventBrite page to buy the tickets. The...
  7. SuzannaK

    Finding Speaking Opportunities for a client?

    I have a client who wants me to find speaking opportunities for her in a city. Does anyone have tips on how to find these opportunities and who to usually contact? My client wants to speak at events, conferences, meetings, everywhere possible. For professional organizations, conferences...
  8. SuzannaK

    Medical Insurance

    Do you have any current suggestions for medical insurance?
  9. SuzannaK

    Backup/Retrieve computer hard drive

    One of my clients had this request: "Identify "cloud" solutions to back up and retrieve my whole computer hard drive." What suggestions do you have?
  10. SuzannaK


    I have a client who wants me to create a brochure in Microsoft Publisher but I only have Adobe InDesign. I am looking for a free Publisher trial download but have not found one. If you know where a download page is, please let me know the link. Thanks :)
  11. SuzannaK

    Time Deadlines

    I was wondering how you feel about getting specific deadlines from a client. For example, I had a client ask me on Tues to write 2 blogs for her and she wrote: “Deadline is Friday @ 9 a.m.” Do you accept specific time deadlines like this or do you consider this as being treated like an employee?
  12. SuzannaK

    Scheduling posts

    Can you schedule posts to go out to LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups?
  13. SuzannaK

    No reply to proposal/contract

    I haven’t had this happen before. I recently talked to two potential clients on the phone and they asked me to send them a proposal/contract. I sent it but I did not hear back. I emailed them asking if they had any question or concerns, but still got no response. My contract software shows...
  14. SuzannaK

    Video Editing

    For those who do video editing, I wonder if you could help me with this question. A client is asking how long it would take me to edit a 3 minute video and to do voiceover. I wanted to do hourly rate for this becasue I am not sure what would be involved, but he is insisting on a flat rate. Thanks!
  15. SuzannaK

    How to answer the 'About Me' question during client consult?

    It seems like when I reply to RFPs and get interviewed, I am asked the same questions over and over (I guess they all get sent the same questions to ask potential candidates) and it feels more like an employee interview than partnering as a contractor. One of the questions that I have heard goes...
  16. SuzannaK

    Marketing Ideas?

    I had a client write the following to me and I was wondering if anyone had ideas for this?: I'm wondering if you can propose a marketing strategy to me that would have you doing a certain amount of work, say 6-10 hours, that would help me reach music fans that are also podcast listeners likely...
  17. SuzannaK

    Calendar Management

    I have a potential client who wants ongoing assistance managing her calendar, making sure clients are on her calendar, reminding people of appointments, and rescheduling as needed, setting up appointments for networking. Also invoicing and following up to get late payments. I am not sure how to...
  18. SuzannaK

    How to Get Clients to Pay Invoices Promptly Some Good Tips
  19. SuzannaK

    Finding People on Google Plus

    Do you have any methods or tools for finding people on Google Plus by what they do like "entrepreneur", and possibly their location too? When I just type in "entrepreneur" into the regular Google plus search, it just seems to show famous people like Martha Stewart and I don't see any way to...
  20. SuzannaK

    Following Back on Twitter

    What free tool do you use to auto follow back those who follow you on Twitter?