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    I had to share...

    I stumbled across this website today called Clients from H.... I guarantee you'll find at least one scenario you can identify with. And although it may make you shake your head, it'll also make you grin and feel less alone.
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    Question What are your thoughts on being trained by your clients?

    I stumbled across this video this morning - posted by a virtual assistant staffing company. I have a real problem with the concept of 'client training' in relation to what I do. I strongly believe that the point of virtual assistance is that training shouldn't be...
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    Link 10 Ethical Questions for Virtual Professionals

    How many of you ever had to answer those 'ethical questions' at an interview back before you were your own boss? Based on those questions, I've created a Virtual Professionals Ethics Quiz with 10 questions specifically written with the virtual services provider in mind. Click the link above...
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    Any REVA's in NC?

    I'm doing a presentation on virtual assistance for a local realtors office. I was wondering if there were any real estate specific VA's in North Carolina or that work with realtors in NC? I don't offer real estate services specifically and would love to give some examples of REVA's for the...
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    Most Requested Services for Legal VA's?

    My entire client base is made up of attorneys, however none of the work I do for them is what I would consider 'paralegal' in nature. For those of you out there that are specifically legal VA's, what are the most requested paralegal services that attorney's seem to be looking for?
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    How do you deal with confidentiality?

    I'm writing a guest blog post aimed specifically at attorneys concerned about using a virtual assistant due to nondisclosure and confidentiality issues. I know what steps I take, but I'm just one VA. I'd love to be able to give examples of what other VA's do as well. I'll gladly give mention...
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    My Hours problem?

    I switched time tracking to My Hours a few weeks ago and today is the first time I've had problems with the service. I'm getting a "page cannot be found" message. Is there anyone out there that has been using it for awhile that can tell me if this is an ongoing problem?
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    I've been presented with the possibility of ghostwriting for an attorney's blog, 2 or 3 posts per week. I quoted my normal per hour charge as my rate, but then began to question myself. Does anyone have experience with blog ghostwriting work? Do you charge per post?
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    Power Point to Video?

    Does anyone have any experience with software that will convert a powerpoint presentation to video for posting on a website?
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    Is it or isn't it a Scam? Asked to create fresh content as a 'sample' - Larry Ellison

    I received an e-mail this morning from a 'potential client' looking for up to 10 VA's to write articles for a big project he has upcoming. He requested that I write two 400 to 500 word articles and submit them to him for consideration. I had never heard of this person before, so I sent him an...
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    Marketing through Education

    I had a sudden brainstorm over the weekend (don't worry, no one was hurt:cool: ) about new ways to market myself and my business. Since my current client gets a lot of his business through teaching Continuing Education courses I wondered if perhaps I could find a way to market through educating...
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    100 ways to utilize a Virtual Assistant

    I was asked to be a contributor to the Home Office Warrior, an Internet magazine for home based entrepreneurs. I am currently in the midst of doing a series of articles called The Top 100 Ways a Home Office Warrior can utilize a Virtual Assistant. Part One and Part Two are complete with Part...
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    Just happened to stumble upon this forum

    Hello everyone, My name is Tina and I am a VA from southern Maine. I just started my virtual assistance business in September of '07, it's called Clerical Advantage. I offer all the 'basic' VA services and I specialize in the Escrow/Mortgage assistance as well as Medical Office assistance.