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  1. LuzDonahue

    Free Stuff 40 ideas for Holiday Social Media Marketing

    Hey there! The holidays are coming. I was poking around for inspiration and I came across this. Thought you would find it useful. Happy Sunday!
  2. LuzDonahue

    Tip Awesome tool pulls together contacts from various social networks

    You know how when you have a bunch of accounts it's hard to keep track of who you talk to where? It's actually pretty neat to see who follows you in multiple places because it allows you to see who your 'super fans' are. By keeping track of people by name rather than as part of blob we can do a...
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    Free Stuff Free Youtube Training

    Hey guys! This starts September 30th and is free :)
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    Twitter experiment that helps you follow better people

    Hey! If you're not too sure how who to start following on Twitter or if you already are pretty established there but want an easy way to continue to grow there is a free service I just learned about that's pretty cool. Magicrecs gives you recommendations based on who your existing community...
  5. LuzDonahue

    Free Stuff Super beautiful app- Shows all your social media feeds in one place

    This would work amazingly to check on multiple social media accounts at once. I'm thinking I'm going to test it out over the next few months :) :smart:
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    Resource Excellent ideas! 99 Content Marketing Magnets!

    Check out this amazing slide presentation I came across! If you are ever 'stuck' on what to post about or share this list is sure get your juices flowing fast.
  7. LuzDonahue

    Sweet Free Tool for Awesome Social Media Analytics

    This awesome webapp is free and lets you see the results from your online activity. You can even plug in your Paypal account and it can guess somewhat how your efforts translate to dollars.
  8. LuzDonahue

    Screencasting AND Interactive Course Building-FREE

    I'm in LOVE. This is an amazing tool that is fuh-ree and lets you create screen casts or interactive quizzes/coursework or both! It has built in tools to let you change audio and add graphics or text. Where have you been all my life, Active Presenter?
  9. LuzDonahue

    Giddy over this presentation site

    I can't explain it better than they can but this is the easiest neatest thing I've seen for making presentations that look better than everyone else's in a few minutes. I had mine outlines and plugged it into one of these templates and it looks FAB. Enjoy
  10. LuzDonahue

    How do you deal with donated work?

    I'm doing a speaking engagement free of charge as a donation to a local non-profit. I was told somewhere that I should log that and apply it to my taxes at the end of the year. Would you invoice them and note a discount applied? No clue what I should do here. I don't mind donating the time at...
  11. LuzDonahue

    Can YOU be sued for sharing? Excellent article explains laws around photo use

    This is a great small biz attorney I connect with often online through my Facebook page and hers. Her content is superb but I just HAD to share this article because I know it answers questions many of us either ask or get asked. This info is must-know...
  12. LuzDonahue

    Looking for an application to make a test

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great week. I have a question I would love your suggestions on. I'm researching options for a client and thinking I may end up having to make a web page...but I'd rather use another application if its possible... A client wants to make a timed test for job...
  13. LuzDonahue

    Wordpress plug in for easy landing page :)

    Hey Guys! Just thought I would share a tip for those of you who haven't had time to put a website up. I have to credit Tess on this because she was the one that suggested this to me in the first place. (@Tess: You're awesome!) I just wanted to tell you guys about the plug in I used. I have...
  14. LuzDonahue

    VA Someecards (the ones you see on Facebook)

    I was working on some stuff tonight and I took a break for some short leisure. You know those vintage ecard things you see all over SM? Someone posted on the forum one about hiring a VA and people seemed to respond well. Since the term "Virtual Assistant" has some not-so-ideal connotations...
  15. LuzDonahue

    Money Vs. Time. Where do you save time by spending $?

    Hey Everyone! I'm seeing things heading in the right direction. I once heard the savvy Laura Roeder say (and I paraphrase) " In business sometimes you have a choice between spending money and spending time". I'm no where near where I'd like to be but I have gotten to the point where I either...
  16. LuzDonahue

    Does your contract list you as a Company or an independent contractor?

    Hey guys! Question.... I have a client who insisted on writing their own contract (Yes, I can hear you grumbling...I'm grumbling too...) In it I am listed as an independent contractor though they are technically contracting my LLC. How might this (or might this not) present a problem? It...
  17. LuzDonahue

    New 3 minute promotional video- Check it out!

    A friend of mine is a videographer and he helped me out with this. I'm somewhat camera shy so I'm glad it came out this well! We had a ton of fun makin it. Let me know what you think! If anyone is in Southern California and interested in something like this just DM me...
  18. LuzDonahue

    Big news from Pinterest. New Business Pages!

    Its super easy to convert your current profile to a business page. They are offering some new features that seem interesting. Thought you guys might be interested :applause:
  19. LuzDonahue

    Interesting website for getting your website reviewed. :)

    This is so cool! You create an account and you get to review websites and get feedback on yours. Very cool! :grouphug: And one quick question to you guys: My website is "under construction". Any tips on how I can do a better job at capturing...
  20. LuzDonahue

    Twitter Page Makeover :)

    Just gave my Twitter page a face lift to match my Facebook page. What do you guys think? BTW if you'd like follow send me a tweet and let me know so I make sure I follow ya back! I have a list just for my VAF pals. Come to think of it, I should just make it public.