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    I finally did it!!

    My website is up and running! :applause: I would appreciate your honest comments and concerns. I am a bookkeeper not a website publisher so I'm sure there are some changes that I can make to enhance my site.:yikes: Thanks so much in advance for...
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    VOT Resume Profile

    First I have to say I am so excited to finally have my domain name registered!! I am currently working on my website and am off and running to open my Virtual doors. I was reviewing a job board and they asked for a VOT Resume Profile. I have seen other requests for a profile on the RFP...
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    Hi from Texas!

    Hello everyone. My name is Kathy Martin and I'm from Texas. I am also in the beginning stages of becoming a VA. The company I currently work for is being sold and I figure now is as good a time as any to "go for it"! I found this forum quite by accident and am so glad I did. I have read a...